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Wendy’s Brand

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This case study paper would be discussing the Wendy’s Corporation. The paper discusses a brief background of the company. This would be followed by the objectives that the company had set and the current business strategies that the company is doing. A SWOT analysis is done in order to analyze the company’s situation. Alternative Solutions had been hypothesized in order to provide guidelines and suggest alternatives to the company.

A conclusion and recommendation is given at the end of the case study. I. Background of the Case On November 15, 1969, Dave Thomas had opened the first Wendy’s Old Fashioned Hamburger Restaurant in Columbus Ohio. Mr. Thomas created a restaurant that produces the food of the highest quality and with the freshest ingredients. He believes that everything that the restaurant produces must be of quality, thus the logo “Quality is Our Recipe”. II. Objectives

• To be known as the restaurant with the best quality in town • To be able to strengthen its core business which is the Wendy’s Brand • To promote its new products through effective advertising III. Current Business Strategies • 52-week national advertising has been established to promote its new products • Improve its operations through tackling the inefficiencies, strengthening of its communications, training and its service to the franchise stores IV. Evaluation of strategies

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Wendy’s Brand

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The strategies that had been stated above are given in the strategic plan of the restaurant. Promotion of its brand image and new products must be done non-stop because even if the said product is well-known the growth of the company must not be static. There are always customers out there who do not know the restaurant Wendy’s. Through advertisements the company is able to educate its customers in the company’s products. Development of the company’s image is also being done through the ads.

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