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Welcome to Ap Art History

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WELCOME TO AP ART HISTORY!!! Greetings AP Art History Student! Welcome to your course! My name is Mrs. Crosier and I’m thrilled to have you as a student to work together to help you earn free college credit! An Advanced Placement (AP) course with FLVS is a rigorous, college-level learning experience. AP courses require a high level of commitment and are an opportunity to earn college credit based on a qualifying score on a national AP exam.

A student should only be enrolled in an FLVS AP course if he/she plans to both prepare for and take the national AP exam in May, 2013. In fact, no AP credit will be issued until after May 2013 ( with the exception of students attending a public school in Leon, Dade, Broward, Palm Beach or Okeechobee County), once you have completed the course AND participated in the national AP Exam. To ensure this is clearly understood, you AND your parent must sign and date this document and return it to me.

This form must be returned to me in order for you to move beyond your Grace Period. Again, it is vital to understand we WILL NOT issue your final grade until AFTER the AP Exam in May, 2013 and ALL Coursework is completed by May 1. Verification forms for exam participation will be distributed to students in January, 2013. If you do not plan to take the AP exam, please let me know immediately. You will begin this two semester course starting with artworks from prehistoric times to the 21st century.

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Welcome to Ap Art History

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You can begin working in your course but you will not be activated until I meet and speak with you and your parent/guardian on the phone for a “welcome call. ” This will be a brief 5-10 minute call to meet and review the welcome PowerPoint you viewed. If, however, you are no longer interested in taking this course online, please call or email me [email protected] net and let me know and I will withdraw you without any consequence or penalty. For a brief, interactive orientation, please visit (Please be sure to copy and paste the link into a browser): http://www. lvs. net/quickstart I am available daily from 8-8. Please go to the appointment scheduler located under my name in the course or call me at 386-454-0325. In the event, I am with another student, please leave a message and I will return your call. I look forward to speaking to you and your parent or guardian and to having you as part of this class. We’re going to have a great Learning experience together! Mrs. Martha Crosier AP Art History Instructor Phone: 386-454-0325 (8-8) Email: [email protected] net AP Exam Policy Acknowledgement and AP Credit Policy

We acknowledge that I am required to take the May, 2013 AP Exam for this course AND will only at that time receive AP credit if I successfully complete the course and submit the signed Exam Verification form. I further acknowledge all work and exams for the course are due May 1, 2013. Student’s printed name: _____________________________________________ Student signature: _____________________________________________ Date ________________________ Parent/Guardian signature: _____________________________________________ Date ________________________

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