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Leading is how a manager gets employees to get their work done to the best of their abilities, influence good work habits, and support the goals of employees for his or her journey either personally or within the organization. How these functions apply to managing others or even yourself in your current or previous job. This student employs the major functions of management in this students current position on a daily basis. Organization is a natural progress in maintaining a good work environment for this student.

Others in management struggle with this function, but it is vital in maintaining a daily flow and progress of records for budgeting. Planning for future events, meetings, and time-off for employees is essential to maintaining office schedules and time management. This student maintains the physicians lily, weekly, and vacation schedules so that there are minimal problems with scheduling patient appointments and administrative meetings. Controlling is a new task that this student deals with in minimal measure.

This student is the contact person in the office because the office is in transition with management in our office. This student updates the interim manager on the needs and issues in our office on a daily and weekly basis giving her the ability to manage her multiple offices without being onsite. Leading is a natural process for this student. In the past, this student has been the anger of our private practice but, with the transition to being a hospital owned office that role has evaporated to the established management team within the organization.

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Week Assessment

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The staff still comes to this student with problems and guidance this student is limited to what this student can do but try to help the staff as much as this student can. The most important role for a health care manager and leader in the diversified health care industry. In the opinion of this student, the most important role for a health care manager is leadership. Managers rely on their staffs to do the duties given to hem So that the manager can focus on Other tasks.

It is imperative that staff take on tasks and duties that the manager needs the outcomes of the results for the reports the manager has to submit to higher management. Giving staff duties also helps create an integrated office where the staff feels involved with the management processes that have been unobtainable in past management styles. The most significant aspect related to health care management that you want to gain by taking this class. The most significant aspect related to health care management that this student want to gain from this class is how to use my style of management onto effective leadership.

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