Week #7 (The First Two Years: Language Development)

Asking for a pint of beer when you have not had the access to a beer for a bit and want one is an example of
Darius is learning the names of two or three new objects or events everyday. This rapid increase in vocabulary is referred to as _______ explosion
Universal grammar is Chomsky’s term for his observation that
all young children master basic grammar according to a schedule
Amy spontaneously says things such as “mamamaamamammamam” and daddaadadadadada” about how old is Amy likely to be?
6-10 months
According to the social-pragmatic theory infants communicate because
humans are social beings
Infants’ repetition of certain syllables at the age of about 6 or 7 months are called
Saying “beer” when you see someone else drinking beer is most likely
The process by which behavior produces its own consequences is called
automatic reinforcement
Becky is a 4-month-old infant whose mother uses a high-pitched voice simple words or phrases, and lots of repetition when she speaks. Becky delights in her mother’s use of
child-directed speech
The language acquisition device (LAD) was proposed by Chomsky to explain
children’s ability to derived the rules of grammar quickly and effectively
Saying “beer” when asked “what do you drink at the bar is an example of
The process by which a behavior is reinforced through the actions of another person is called
Social reinforcement
Javier’s mother is a native Spanish speaker, and his father is a native English speaker. He hears both languages equally often and is addressed in Spanish by his mother and in English by his father. If Javier is a typical toddler, how will his language skills be affected by this early experience
He will be able to differentiate between both languages
Peyton is a deaf baby whose parents have been communicating with him in American Sign Language. At about what age will Peyton express his first signs
12 months
The term holophrase is used to denote
the infant’s use of one word to express a whole thought
Bae is a Korean toddler, his cousin Troy is a Korean American toddler. Bae is learning to speak Korean, while Troy is learning to speak English. What will be the most noticeable difference in Bae’s and Troy’s use of language
Bae will use more verbs than Troy does
explanations must be ruled out before specific genetic mechanisms are considered to be the basis for language development
Saying “beer” when someone else says beer is an example of
What theorist said that children learn language as a result of reinforcements given by parents and caregivers
James use the word “more” to mean “I want another cookie” in case more is a
holophase and mand
According to Chomsky’s theory of language acquisition
children have an inborn ability to learn language
A problem with classifying vocal behavior by its form and not its function is
failing to acknowledge that the word “milk” could be used to mean many things
failing to acknowledge to “milk, moo juice and “miew” could be used to mean the same thing
Which of the following is a language development that requires understanding another person’s perspective
Brodie just started saying single words such as “mama” and “doggie” About how old is Brodie likely to be?
12 months
By 10 months of age, Alan has a vocabulary of a dozen words. B. F. Skinner would have attributed Alan’s rapid speech development mainly to
the amount his parents talk to him
As infants acquire language, they say more ________ than any other parts of speech
During the newborn period, the primary means of communication is
On average, children begin saying recognizable words at around ___ months of age
Which of the following is the most parsimonious explanation for why a pig (with wings) would fly
The pig has wings and some animals with wings are capable of flight
A phoneme in behavior analytic terms is
The smallest structural unit that exerts stimulus control over behavior