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Web Conferencing Programs

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Corporate Memos Dawn Cramer Technical Writing Fundamentals January 14, 2013 Nancy Delain MEMORANDUM Date: January 14, 2013 To: Manager From: Dawn Cramer Subject: Web Conferencing Programs Earlier you asked me to research web conferencing programs in order to hold weekly status meetings. I have found several programs that will work but based on my findings I believe that the best choice would be Infinite Conferencing.

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Web Conferencing Programs

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. 1. The number of participants that can be accommodated is 1,000.

The ability to transfer files and record the meetings. No required installation to take up memory as well as specific application control and user authentication. 2. The cost is very low and there is remote and IT support as well as Email and instant chat support. There are two types of manuals available either an online manual or a PDF manual. | Infinite Conferencing| InterCall| ClickMeeting| Ready Talk| Adobe Connect Pro| Monthly Price| $35. 00| $42. 00| $10. 00| $49. 00| $55. 00| No Required Installation | yes| no| yes| yes| Yes| 128-Bit AES Encryption| yes| yes| no| yes| yes|

Maximum Web Attendees | 1000| 125| 1000| 25| 50| File Transfer| yes| yes| yes| yes| Yes| Record Meetings| yes| yes| yes| yes| yes| Support| yes| yes| yes| yes| yes| Online/PDF Manuals | yes| yes| yes| yes| yes| The reason that I did not choose InterCall is because the maximum web attendee is only 125 and they require an installation. Another reason I did not chose this program is because the cost is higher. The reason I did not choose ClickMeeting is because there is no encryption to protect company information even though the cost is much lower.

The reason I did not choose Ready Talk is because the maximum web attendee is only 25 people and the cost is even higher. These are the same reasons that I did not choose Adobe Connect Pro even with the maximum web attendee at 50 people. References: Infinite. (n. d. ). Retrieved from http://www. infiniteconferencing. com/services/web_conferencing. php Find the Best. (2013). Retrieved from http://web-conferencing. findthebest. com/ Tech Media network. (2013). Top Ten Reviews. Retrieved from http://web-conferencing-services. toptenreviews

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