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Warrior Leader Course Pa

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December 2008 MEMORANDUM FOR RECORD SUBJECT: Warrior Leader Course Welcome Letter 1.Congratulations on your selection to attend the Warrior Leader Course at the 3rd BN, 166TH Regiment at Fort Indiantown Gap, Pennsylvania.You will report between the hours of 0800 and 2200 on the ATRRS report date.

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2. Effective 10 August 2006 soldiers attending WLC are still required to meet the APFT and HT/WT requirements.

However, soldiers who meet academic course requirements, but fail the APFT or HT/WT standards, will be considered a course graduate under the category of marginally achieved course standards. 3. Soldiers that have returned from OIF/OEF within 90 days of reporting to WLC are required to take the APFT. However, prior to the test you will have the option to have the PT test count towards your academic average or not. Soldiers in this category need either their DD 214 or a memorandum from their commander stating that they returned from deployment with in the last 90 days. . Physical requirements for this course are very demanding. Students must be able to pass the APFT, meet HT/WT standards, carry a 50 pound combat load, low crawl, high crawl, rush for three to five seconds, walk a minimum of 2 miles with combat load and negotiate rough terrain under varying climatic conditions. 5. Soldiers who have a permanent profile designator “3” or “4” must include a copy of their DA Form 3349 and the results of their military medical review board (MMRB) as part of their course application.

Soldiers who have met the previous criteria may attend WLC and train within the limits of their permanent profile, provided they can otherwise meet course prerequisites and graduation requirements. Soldiers with temporary profiles, with the exception of shaving or nonperformance deterring profiles who have participated in OIF/ OEF can attend WLC provided they have a copy of their current profile and memorandum bearing the commanders signature stating that the temporary profile exists as a result of injuries during participation in OIF/ OEF.

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