Walt Whitman, Edgar Lee Masters. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and Emily Dickinson

-had a normal and a happy childhood
-as a kid he sat on the dock and watched ships while dreaming of becoming an author
-wrote 1st poem at 13
-went to Bowden college and graduated #4 in his class
-all teachers liked him ans he got scholarship money to go to Europe and study foreign language
– when he comes back from Europe he teaches at Bowden College
-married Marry Potter
-went to Europe to learn more languages
-Harvard offers him a job when he gets back
-wife is pregnant and he decided to go to Europe with his wife
-wife gets ill in Europe and has a miscarriage and then the wife died
-started writing poetry
-wrote voices of the night (a collection of poetry)
-got remarried to Frances Appleton and has 6 kids with her and he retired to focus on writing but wife and 2 kids burned to death because a candle fell.
-he wore a beard because of his burns from the fire
-most poplar american poet of his time
-wrote Paul Rever’s ride, the song of hiawatha, evegerine
-1st american poet to reach a wide audience
– honored by the British with a bust in Westministers ,Abby
-Poets corner- only american with a memorial in London
best known of the Fliveside poets
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Emily Dickinson
-well known in Amherst because grandfather founded the college
-very shy and socially awkward/might have thought she had a problem
-went to Mt. Holyoke Female seminary and was home sick and didn’t like to profess her religion publicly
-came back home after 2 years and never left
-when she was 30 she started having eye problems(sensitive to light) and went to Boston to treat it
-started writing poetry at night
-after both parents died she didn’t leave the house. she just wrote and did her chores
-strongly influenced by Ralph Waldo Emerson
-wrote 1,789 poems and only 7 were published in her lifetime and they weren’t published in her name
after she died her sis came across the poems and gave them to Marble Todd to see if her husband(English professor) will take a look at it. Dr. Todd cleaned them p and showed them to other english professors and they put the poems in a box and no one touched them. years later a couple of professors came across the poems and published all of them.
known as one of the greatest poem writer
– known as one of the founders of modern american poetry
-poetry is known for its radical style, simple language, concrete imagery, odd use of punctuation, and irregular use of meter an rhyme
themes of poetry- death, nature, love, immortality, and friendship
-dad was a bad alcoholic and abuser
-he was anti-drinking
-he had an arguing personality. he loved to argue
-fam life was bad(bros and sis got themselves into trouble)
– got a job at the newspaper
-worked hard to present himself as an educated person
-became the editor of The Brooklyn Eagle and he wrote about slavery too strong and people stopped buying the newspaper and the owner told him to stop writing about it. he told the owner that he will write about what he wants to write about and he got fired
-moved to the south to try writing about slavery but that only lasted about 3 months
-lived in poverty
-critics didn’t like him
-went to the hospital to comfort the sick during the civil war
-supporter of Lincoln and Lincoln gave him a job at the attorney generals office
-had a stroke so he had to move in with brother
-moved out when he got money and was physically able to
-most photographed poet of his time
-wrote the leaves of grass( a book of poetry)
-cowrote a biography the good gray poet
-considered one of the founders of modern american poetry
poems are known for
-long lines that capture the rhythm of natural speech
-free verse-mo meter and no rhyme
-common vocabulary
-realistic not moralistic
-had a normal childhood except when his younger bro does from a disease
-got a job with Loistown News
-was an apprentice to his father and went to Chicago to practice law
-asked wife for a divorce and wouldn’t give it. he decided to move out and his wife granted him a divorce since he was already gone
-Wrote Spoon River Anthology and it was a hit
-moved to NYC to become a big famous poet
-wrote the new spoon river and it did not sell well because it was unoriginal
-wrote an autobiography called across spoon river and it did not sell well
-wrote biography of whitman called whitman
-received poetry society of america award
-went to private school bc he was a smart aleck and parents wanted him to be disciplined. he flumked out of school in a year and parents sent him to Valley Forge Military Academy and he started to write there
-enrolls into colleges but drops out of every single one bc he decided to try writing without an education
-wrote young folk and it was published in story magazine
-drafted into ww2 and it changed him because he saw a camp being liberated. got married when discharged put got divorced 2 months after
publishes catcher in the rye and he didnt like being popular bc it was crowded and too many people bothered him
-he was rich and the book was on eof the most banned books in school
-published Franny and Zoey-> terrible story
-was on the cover of times magazine but hated it bc it made him feel uncomfortable.
-published “raise high the roof beams, carpenters and seymour :and introduction” terrible story
-published hapworth
-became a recluse
-death was international news.
Harper lee
-tom boy when little and best friend was truman Capole
-went to an all girls college but didn’t like it bc she wasn’t into what the other girls were into so transferred to a different college to start law school but didn’t like it.
Harper Lee
-Went to oxford england to study law but didnt like it->came back to tell fam that she didnt want to study law ut to move to NY to write
-got a job at the ticket counter at an airport and wrote at night
-a friend of hers paid her salary for a year so she could take a year of to write
Harper Lee
-Wrote TKAMB when she took a year off to write and it was a big hit.
-won the pulitzer prize
-didnt like public appearances/ interviews