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Walmart vs Amazon

Oder winner and qualifiers “Today there are over 4,000 Walmart Stores in the U. S. and over 3,000 internationally.

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” In other side, Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer. so both of them must be covering the elements of business quite well. There are several aspects that I want to talk how they win orders from customers. First, both of them have a low price of their products. Second, they have fantastic quality management and customer services. Finally, their deliveries are satisfied by customers. First, both of them have a low price of their products. Wal-mart gives an advertisement that said “Low Prices.

Every Day. Everywhere. ” Wal-mart has focused on low cost leadership, low operation and production costs in order to ensure that each produce has the lowest possible price. Therefore, in customers mind, they will think Wal-mart equals to the lowest prices. There is a disadvantage of Wal-mart. If Wal-mart cannot provide the lowest price one day, then customers will be no need to shop at Wal-mart. For Amazon, its strategies of low price are totally different from Wal-mart. Customers can get the lowest price of products from Amazon because customers can compete with Amazon on Amazon.

It means there are multiple prices for a product on Amazon. Then, you can find the lowest price. In addition, sometimes, Amazon will provide some price polices. For example, if customers bought products from Amazon. Then the price drops. Customers can get some refund from Amazon. Also, if customers buy products very often, they can be Amazon’s prime. Customers should pay about seventy dollars per year. Then, they can get cheaper price of the product compare with general customers. Moreover, customers can get free shipping or shipping in a shorter time of some products. Furthermore, customers can shop through using Amazon credit card.

They can “get 3% back on anything they buy from Amazon, 2% back at gas  stations, restaurants, and drug stores, and 1% back on anything from any other retailer. ” Second, they have fantastic quality management and customer services. Wal-mart has a strong focus on better quality. It worked with several hundred suppliers and products testing facilities. They will “test more than 5,250 products to ensure great value quality is equal to or better; conduct more than 2,700 consumers to compare the flavor, aroma, texture, color, and appearance of great value products; Change the formulas for 750 items including: breakfast ereal, cookies, yogurt, laundry detergent, and paper towels; and Introduce more than 80 new products, such as: thin crust pizza, fat free caramel swirl ice cream, strawberry yogurt, organic cage-free eggs, double stuffed sandwich cookies, teriyaki beef jerky and more, all at unbeatable prices. ” From Amazon, it has customer product review under each product, so customers can see what other customers thought. They will know the product quality is good or bad. Then, they will decide whether they will buy it or not. Furthermore, it is very easy to return products to Amazon. Finally, their deliveries are satisfied by customers.

Walmart can deliver product to your door, and the product price is the same as in store. From Amazon, as I mentioned before, customers can be the Amazon prime. Then, they can get free shipping or shipping in a shorter time. In additional, Amazon does international shipping. It is very convenient for international students. Furthermore, it can guarantee accelerated delivery. “Amazon. com offers Guaranteed Accelerated Delivery dates on select items when you choose Express shipping. If your order doesn’t arrive by the Guaranteed Accelerated Delivery date, your shipping charges will automatically be refunded. ”

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