Vodafone: Business Details, Marketing Strategies And Analysis

Company information:

Company name     Vodafone
Sector                      Telecommunications
Founded                 1991
Location                  London (head office) Newbury, Berkshire, England (registered office)
Website                   vodafone.com

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Fundamentals and financials:

Revenue                              £47.631 billion
Employees                          111556
Operating income             £ 3.725 billion
Total assets                          £ 154.684 billion
Total equity                         £72.200 billion
Company management: Gerard Kleisterlee (Chairman) Vittorio Colao (Chief Executive Officer)

Vodafone is a British communications company operating on a massive international scale. It’s the biggest company in the UK, and it’s currently providing coverage for 26 countries all over the globe.
The story of this impressive organization began way back in 1985 when Racal Electronics LTD. and Millicom decided to come up with a joint venture which was later granted a license to establish a cellular network.

More general information on this communications group can be found below.

Financial Data

A brief rundown of financials will uncover a multitude of interesting details.
The revenue figure is staggering – roughly €47.6 billion, although it did decrease by 4.4% in comparison with last year’s performance.

Total adjusted EBITDA is at €14.149 and group adjusted EBITDA remained stable for the remainder of the last fiscal year. Operating profit is at €3.7 billion, which is an increase from last year’s €1.3 billion. Income tax expenses rose to €4.764 billion.
Total equity went down to €73 billion from €85.1 billion, that occurred due in large part to dividends being paid out by the company. On top of that, the company has invested over €71 billion in itself over the past four years: capital expenditure, M&A, Spectrum & Licenses.

Vodafone’s internal goal is to invest in the future and come up with ubiquitous mobile coverage. It should go without saying, it’s in a good position to deliver on that promise.
Given the scale of Vodafone’s operations, there’s a lot to sift through here. The company is driven by performance, and that carries over to every little facet of their operations.

Other financials of note can be found in the following materials.


Outside of a very memorable brand name (which is a mix of ‘voice data fone’), the company has quite a few interesting things going for it.
The company services over 516 million mobile customers, 14 million TV users, and 18 million broadband users.

Vodafone operates in an environment in which innovation and scale are key, efforts are made to make sure that steadily growing demands are met.
How do they go about marketing? Let’s find out.

Structure & Operations

Vodafone’s customer strategy is worth an honorable mention as well. They strive to make sure that every one of their services goes off without a hitch, and they are continuously in the process of making sure that customer support roles are filled.

As for their employees, the company is a diverse and inclusive organization. It employs almost 110 thousand people of various nationalities, and also, nearly 25 thousand contractors were also engaged during the past fiscal year.
On top of that, the company invested €80 million in employee training which is all a part of a long-term plan development plan.

Read about that in the materials supplied below.


“Speed, simplicity, and trust.”
There are quite a few challenges and opportunities lying in front of Vodafone.
The company is in a continuous race, trying to come up with intelligent and efficient ways to deliver services and focus on returns. It’s growing and continuously looking for partnerships. It’s fair to mention that not only does the company provide its services for consumers, it also operates on massive scales for enterprises (in fact, 30% of profits come from enterprises).

Chief global competitors include AT&T Corp.; British Telecommunications PLC; Deutsche Telekom AG; France Telecom Group.

Explore following analyses and get deeper insight into how this business operates.

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