Vocabulary for Skyward

Student Management System (SMS)
Educational software used to manage student information, such as attendance, grades, and test scores. Additionally, Skyward provides a communication module that allows parents to access student grades and attendance.
Grade Change Request
When a teacher conducts a grade change request, a previous grading period is opened so that teachers can make changes in grades, remove the “Incomplete” grade mark to allow the software to push the new information to the Office side of the software.
NEW Button
The NEW Button is used to pull in term grades of students who are new to the teacher’s classroom. Additionally, accessing this button will allow a teacher to put in an average percent score so a student can begin in this classroom with a running average earned in another teacher’s classroom.
Standard Grade Book
A Skyward Standards Grade Book utilizes scores or marks for PreK and 1, 2, 3, and 4 for Kinder & First Grade assigned to skills and standards which reflects a student’s progress. In WISD, this is used in grades PreK, Kindergarten, and First Grade.
Secondary Grade Book
A Skyward Secondary Grade Book utilizes numeric grades applied by the teacher based upon the work of a student. This is applied to grades 2 thru 12.
How to find Computer Name
Each computer in the District network is named for the building or position for which it is used and located. The name of each computer is located in the properties area of the computer. To find this, go to the START button, then COMPUTER area, do a right-mouse over COMPUTER and select PROPERTIES. In the center of this window you will see the name of the computer. This will be important for any tech support that you may have so that the person helping you can access your computer remotely.
Skyward widgets are boxes with specific information in them regarding District News, Recent Messages, or Teacher Quick Access. These boxes may be moved around the dashboard, to suite the users preference. The district may post information in the District News widget regarding deadlines for grading period closings.
Teacher Quick Access Widget
This widget is a shortcut to the teacher’s Attendance Screen and to the individual content gradebook.
Print Queue
The print queue is a place where reports are stored for a maximum of two days once they are run within Skyward. Reports may be printed from this area, but are not automatically printed when run from the database. The user must view the report and send to a printer in order for it to actually print to paper.
Grading Categories
Categories are weighted groups in which assignments are placed. The categories weights are set at the district level by the Curriculum Department during the summer, before any grades are entered into the gradebook.

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