Veritas — A President Named Teddy

What are the dates for a President Named Teddy?
When and where was Theodore Roosevelt born?
1858 in New York
Where did Teddy Roosevelt go to college?
Under what President did Teddy Roosevelt serve as Vice-President?
William McKinley
How did Teddy Roosevelt become President?
President McKinley was assassinated.
How many years did Teddy Roosevelt serve as President?
almost eight years
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What kind of childhood did Teddy Roosevelt have?
fun and adventurous
Was Teddy Roosevelt’s family rich or poor?
What did Theodore Roosevelt’s sisters call him?
What happened to Teddy’s wife and mother?
they both died on the same day — February 14, 1884
What was another nickname for Theodore Roosevelt other than Teddy?
Whom did Teddy Roosevelt marry?
Alice Lee from 1880-1884 when she died.
Edith Carow from 1886-1919 when Teddy died. Edith was married to Teddy during his Presidency.