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Vastu Shastra

Mini notes for vastu shastra . Ads by Google important tips TIPS FOR DAILY LIFE 1)According to hindu beliefs drawing room should face towards north direction. 2)furniture should be kept at southern or western walls or corners of your house.

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This ensures that whenever you sit you are faced towards east or north. facing towards east or north makes you positively charged. 3)the kitchen placed to the southern corner attracts good things . the kitchen should not be next to the toilet,or in front of the toilet. )the room for meditation or worship [pooja room] should be faced to the north or northeast direction, this deed results in good and powerful worship,meditation. 5)for study table best direction is supposed to be the north or east. 5) i. bookshelves must be in north ,east or northeast direction….. bookshelves should not be above the study table. 5) ii. computer should be in southeast direction. 5) iii. wall-clock [pendulum] should be in north.. above study table is expected] 6)a shrine or a water pot is expected to be at the northeastern corner.. shrine or a water pot is a healthy sign for increase in level of knowledge.. a pot full of water represents the brain full of knowledge. 7) color of the study room should be light reflective. for instance light green, cream,and white is supposed to be the best. 8)according to the hindu religious beliefs a picture of goddess saraswati ,and lord ganesh should be placed in the room,and worshiping them regularly brings good knowledge