Values and Beliefs, Electoral College Handout, and Brainpop Two Party System

What you think is important.
What you think is true even if it cannot be proven.
The way you express yourself in thoughts, words and actions.
Electoral College
The group that cast each states official votes for president.
Total number of electoral votes.
The number of electors for each state is determined by the number of representatives the state has in ________?
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Number of electoral votes in Pennsylvania.
Magic number of electors needed to win presidency.
_________ are chosen by their _________________ in each state.
Electors and Political party.
Democratic Mascot (smart, brave)
Republican Mascot (strong, dignified)
Party that George Washington belongs to…
Didn’t belong to political party.
1796 election
Hotly contested between several candidates; the previous elections weren’t.
Supporter of Thomas Jefferson
small farmer from North Carolina.
Alexander Hamilton’s reason to create a bank…
opposed a strong federal government.
Group of people who benefited Alexander Hamilton’s policies.
bankers and businessmen
One reason why the Federalist party shrunk after 1804.
it’s leader, Alexander Hamilton died.
One reason why the Democratic Republican Party split up.
rivalries between members split the party apart.
Politician who did not support individual rights.
Thomas Jefferson.
A political system in which two parties usually get most of the votes in elections.
A two-party system.
-Believes in limited government powers.
-More liberal.
-Bill Clinton and John F. Kennedy were members.
-Believes the government should provide social programs.
-Believes in higher taxes for businesses and the wealthy.
-Symbol is the donkey.
-Known as Grand Old Party.
-Believes lower taxes for everyone benefits the economy.
-More conservative.
-George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan were members.
Someone who is more conservative.
That person would be Republican.
Famous Republican President
Ronald Reagan
Liberal (L)
Considered one of the greatest Presidents of the 20th century
Andrew Jackson
The rich should be taxed to provide services for the common good
Belief within the Democratic Party
Reason why Republicans don’t support broad-based social programs.
They believe the government shouldn’t play a large roll in peoples lives.
Common Position within the Republican Party.
America’s military needs to be as strong as possible.
“Republicans and Democrats agreed on bipartisan solution to the problem.” In this sentence what does bipartisan mean?
divided in half
What do the Green, Reform, and Libertarian Parties have in common?
All small political parties.
3 Presidents placed in order.
Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln
The two major political parties in the United States.
Democrat and Republican
Core American Beliefs are…
Political Beliefs
Real-life issues about which political beliefs might differ..
Jobs, race, gender, economy, education, and environment
Things that for ideologies..
Beliefs shaped by where we come from, culture, ethnicity; religion, upbringing..
Influences over political beliefs..
What we hear from people at school, work, politicians and media.
Things that can change political beliefs as we grow older..
Personal experience, hear about world wide issues, perspective.