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Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s day is so overrated And over-hyped! A lot of people run around frothing, proclaiming their love and pledging their eternal allegiance to one another. Although it means different things to different people, many use this day for all the wrong reasons. I. e. : to show off, get free stuff, free meals etc-Etc. Ha. People even go as far as finding dates just for that one day.

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Crazy right? I know! When its about to be that time of the month everywhere is lit up with red stuff!

I personally think it’s another way for businesses to get a lot of extra money out our pockets. If someone truly cared about you, I think you’d hear it more often than once. I mean the extra-large teddy bears, flowers, and all the excess chocolate; (which makes u gain weight anyway), and all the other stuff which is associated with v/day is cool, but why wait for that one day to show your partner how much really you care about them? Some People definitely put much emphasis on it! Why not do it all the time!

I personally think that’s all part of being in a relationship. Making your significant other feel loved and appreciated all the time. This should be a PRIORITY of yours! Not just on that one day called “VALENTINES DAY”! I think it all depends on the individual’s choice. If you are in favor of doing something special on Valentine’s Day, go ahead and do it. If you feel that it’s not your cup of coffee, so be it. Spending all the excess $money$ isn’t the meaning of love ¦; it’s the little things along with the thoughtfulness!

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