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Using staffing agencies

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Staffing agencies are entities that specialize with recruiting staff on behalf of different organizations. Through specialization with the staffing operations, these agencies have great experience in selecting the best candidates for different organization. In US, over 2 million people are employed through different staffing companies (Hunt, 59-61. To add to that, the agents establish a wide range of staff network on the basis of the skills they posses.

This makes the work of human resources much easier as qualified employees are readily available at any particular moment. Unlike the referral system, hiring through agencies gives all the aspiring staff equal chances of getting the positions available depending on their merits (Domsch and Elena, 78-81). The method is especially effective for part time and casual staff in organization activities. Read about 

components of staffing

However, this method is very costly and most of the middle level organizations are unable to maintain use it. Compared to other methods like referral system, there are high chances of getting the wrong candidates/ less fit candidates as their considerations are general as opposed to specific demands (Ruwediger and Wenzel, 65-67).

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Using staffing agencies

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Arguably, many of the agencies operate as business entities and therefore may be tempted to give even the less qualified candidates when the best employees are not available.

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