US History Unit 4 test

This is a bill that would ban slavery in the new territories acquired from Mexico:
Wilmont Proviso
Which territory was declared independent from Mexico when Johnn Fremont seized the town of Sonoma and raised the “Bear Republic” flag?
The Republic of California
What treaty ended the War with Mexico creating present day states like New Mexico and California?
The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
What is secession?
The formal withdrawal of a state from a nation
This decision appeased Southerners, ruled that slaves did not have rights and declared the Missouri Compromise unconstitutional:
The Dred Scott decision
Choose the incorrect pairing for his or her achievement:
1.William Lloyd Garrison-The Freedman’s Manifesto
2. Frederick Douglas-The North Star
3. Harriet Tubman-Underground Railroad
4. Harriet Beecher Stowe-Uncle Tom’s Cabin
1. William Lloyd Garrison
Which Act provided for stricter enforcement of the Fugitive Slave Act and for California’s entrance into the Union as a free state?
Compromise of 1850
What is popular sovereignty?
the residents of a territory had the right to vote for or against slavery in their new state
What was the result of John Brown’s actions at Harper’s Ferry? How did Southerners take this action?
Southerners were afraid of potential slave uprisings and revolts against them
In Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address what does he mean by “unfinished work” what is he ultimately trying to do with the country?
Reunite the Union
He was the victorious general at the Battle of Vicksburg making him the Commander in Chief of all of the Union armies:
Ulysses S Grant
What was Abraham Lincoln’s primary goal during the Civil War?
Preserve the Union
This decree did not end slavery, it established a precedent for the 13th Amendment, it had a positive moral affect on the Union army encouraging many African Americans to join and it encouraged foreign nations to not support the Confederacy:
The Emancipation Proclamation
Why was the Battle of Gettysburg a turning point for the Civil War?
It depleted the South’s troops so much that they were never able to launch an offensive attack against the North again.
The Kansas-Nebraska Act divided the territory of Nebraska into two states and allowed its residents to determine what?
popular sovereignty (they could decide on whether or not they wanted to have slavery in their state)
Abraham was the first President of this political party:
General William Tecumseh Sherman was associated with which Battle?
1. Antietam
2. Vicksburg
3. Gettysburg
4. Atlanta
General William Tecumseh Sherman was associated with which Battle?
1. Antietam
2. Vicksburg
3. Gettysburg
4. Atlanta
4. Atlanta
Which battle was of great strategic importance because it divided the Confederacy in half geographically:
This general (found on the face of Stone Mountain) distinguished himself by leading troops at the Battle of Bull Run:
Stonewall Jackson
This compromise disallowed slavery in the states above the Mason-Dixon line:
The Missouri Compromise
According to John C Calhoun a state chould choose whether or not they wanted to obey a federal law with this act of definance:
According to this principle the interests of a region are more important than those of individuals or the nation as a whole:
In order to deal with dissidents in the Union states increasing the power of the president he did this actually (violating rights granted by our constitution)
He suspended the writ of habeas corpus
He was the president of the Confederate States of America:
Jefferson Davis
Who was the leading general the Union fought against in the Civil War? (In the Revolutionary war we fought General Cornwallis)
Robert E. Lee
When did the Civil War officially begin?
When the Confederate army fired on Fort Sumter in South Carolina
This battle was significant because it raised the Union’s morale and led to the issuance of the Emancipation Proclamation:
Battle of Antietam
Early Confederate victories in the Civil War can be attributed to the Confederacy’s strenght with their:
strong military leadership
This agency was responsible for helping those whom the Civil War left impoverished. Its enduring legacy is with the establishment of historical black colleges:
The Freedman’s Bureau
What was the main purpose of General Sherman’s March to the Sea in 1864?
to destroy the South’s strategic and economic capacity to fight any longer
These were laws that were established to place economic and political limitations on African Americans during the Reconstruction years and later became Jim Crow laws:
Black codes
What is impeachment?
the process of filing charges of misconduct against a public official in hopes of removing them from office
Why did the House of Representatives vote to impeach Andrew Johnson?
Johnson was not supportive of the Radical Republicans’ Reconstruction plans
What is the agricultural system established after the Civil war that is designed to maintain the economic and social order of the Old South?
Share cropping or tenant farming
How can Presidential Reconstruction be described?
It outlined a lenient path for Southern states to rejoin the Union
Match the following with its intended purpose:
13th amendment: 
14th amendment: 
15th amendment:
Match the following with its intended purpose:
13th amendment:
14th amendment:
15th amendment:
13th-outlawed slavery
14th-citizenship and due process for former slaves
15th-granted the right to vote to former slaves
Reflecting Back:
What is the purspose of mercantilism?
Reflecting Back:
What is the purspose of mercantilism?
It exists for the economic benefit of the mother country
Which group supported adding the Bill of Rights to the Constitution?
The anti-Federalists
Why did the US want to go to war against Great Britain in 1812?
Britain was interfering with US ships in foreign waters (impressment of American soldiers)
What is the purpose of the Monroe Doctrine?
To prohibit European expansion in the Western Hemisphere

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