US history unit 1 test review

Articles of Confederation
First document
Primary source
Newspapers and letters and photos
Secondary source
TV and phones
Mexican American War
A war where the us took the Mexican land
War of 1812
Was a military conflict lasting for two and a half years
Foreign policy of USA during the 18 hundreds
The US gaining power on the world stage with the victories over the British in the war of 1812 in the Mexican War
Judicial branch
Court system
Legislative branch
Executive branch
Manifest destiny
Was our destiny to own the land from sea to shining sea
Abraham Lincoln
Was the 16th President and was assassinated President during the Civil War
Jefferson Davis
Mexican War hero US Senator from Mississippi Secretary of War and president of the Confederate States of America for the duration of American Civil War
Robert E Lee
Millitay officer and a West Point commandant and the legendary General of the Confederate Army during the American Civil War
Ulysses S Grant
The most esteemed Union general during the American War elected twice as president
William Sherman
American soldier businessman Elector an author he served as a general in the Union Army during the American War
To be treated fairly
Social contract
An argument between people of the country and their government
Natural rights
Any right that exist by virtue of natural law things that you are born with
Popular sovereignty
Decisions that are made by the majority of the people
Checks and balances
Something used to keep the government from getting too powerful
Separation of powers
Government’s broken into three branches
A government system separation of powers between government and its state
Judicial review
Supreme Court has to say weather in law is constitutional
strong central government
Against strong central government
A formal way to change the constitution
Commit to a country and its people without criticism
Foregin relations
How a country works with other
Monroe Doctrine
Stated by James mineral based on American fears related to persuade revival of Monroe group