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US History Chapter 10 – Imperialism

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A stronger country taking over a weaker country for location, trade, resources...
William McKinley
-McKinley Tariff of 1890- tariff on Hawaiian Sugar
-Supported Imperialism
-President after Grover Cleveland
-Responsible for: Spanish American War, Philippine American War, Annexation of Hawaii
Alfred T. Mahan
-Member of US Navy.

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US History Chapter 10 – Imperialism

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. We were destined to have this land
Motivations for American Imperialism
-Military: increase military strength with strategic locations- easier to attack and defend
-New Markets: Needed places to sell- overproduction!!!
-Cultural Superiority: Social Darwinism- it is natural that one country will be the best, they should get to thrive, some are stronger, they get to dominate.
-Manifest Destiny
Territories Taken
-Puerto Rico
-Panama (sort of)
Queen Liliuokalani
-Queen of Hawaii, overthrown by Sanford B. Dole.
-Hawaii for Hawaiians campaign- to eliminate voting restrictions so Hawaiians, not just white landowners, could vote
-Reinstated by US, but had lost power in peoples eyes
Sanford B. Dole
-Overthrew Queen Liliuokalani who wanted property/voting rights for people
-Created government after overthrowing her. Wouldn't back down.
-Then the US took over.
The Spanish American War
-Americans upset by Maine disaster, treatment of Cubans concentration camps), also yellow journalism
-War where US supports Cuba against Spain to get its independence... also Philippines
-Treaty of Paris ends war- US gets Guam, Puerto Rico, Philippines (pays $20 million for it), Cuba
Jose Martí
-Cuban Rebel Leader
-Provoked US and attacked American business interests, wanted us to help with the revolution against Spain
Valeriano Weyler
-Spanish General
-Puts Cubans in concentration camps in response to revolution
The U.S.S. Maine
-US ship coming to take Americans out of Cuba
-Explodes in the harbor of Havana, Cuba. Yellow journalism makes people think Spain did it.
-Large factor in the war!
William Randolph Hearst
-Leading newspaper man, ran the New York Journal
-Yellow Journalism- You furnish the pictures... and I'll furnish the war
Yellow Journalism
-Exaggerating stories to get a certain response or reaction from people, and to get more customers!!!
The deLome Letter
-Letter from Spanish diplomat, Enrique Dupuy deLome, to Spain.
-Letter insulted US president.
-Was intercepted, US got it. Another reason for the war.
George Dewey
-Commodore who took Manila, the Philippine capital.
-This allows US troops to land there
Teller Amendment
-Congress allows US to go to war, as long as we don't just take Spain's place afterwards
Rough Riders
-Volunteer cavalry unit during the Spanish American War
-Lead by Theodore Roosevelt and Leonard Wood.
-San Jaun Hill- they got much fame from here, even if they didn't do much...
San Juan Hill
-Strategically important hill, Rough Riders vs. Spaniards
-Helped with Roosevelt's fame
Theodore Roosevelt
-Commander of Rough Riders
-Becomes president
-Roosevelt Corollary (we have the right to intervene...)
Treaty of Paris
-Ceasefire between US and Spain
-Spain frees Cubans, gives US Guam, Puerto Rico, sells Philippines for $20 million
Foraker Act
-This set up a civil government in Puerto Rico
-President of the US appointed a governor, Puerto Rico could only elect members of the lower house

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