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US History Ch.6

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The foremost center of political radicalism during the Revolutionary Era was:
"Throughout the new nation, states disestablished their established churches." Define "disestablished."
to remove public funding for
Which of the following was not a course adopted by African-Americans to advance the cause of emancipation during the Revolutionary Era?
assassination of proslavery public figures
Three months after independence was declared in 1776, which state adopted a new state constitution with only a one-house legislature?
Who developed the state constitution that gave the governor an effective veto over laws passed by the legislature, included a two-chamber legislature and powerful judiciary, and was subsequently an important model for the U.S. Constitution?
John Adams
The daughter of a Massachusetts farmer who disguised herself as a man and fought in the Continental army during the American Revolution was:
Deborah Sampson
Which of the following was not an effect of the struggle for independence on religion in America?
a marked decline in the influence of religion in American society
In 1776, the slave population of the United States was:
How many slaves fled to British lines during the American Revolution?
almost 100,000
For most free Americans in the new republic, equality meant:
equal opportunity rather than equality of condition
Which of the following was not an effect of the struggle for independence on economic thought and policy in America?
the estates of wealthy landowners were appropriated by Congress and redistributed among the rural poor
Thomas Jefferson helped pass laws in the state of Virginia that abolished primogeniture.

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US History Ch.6

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