US History Ch.1-2 QUIZ

When European clergy first read to Native Americans from the Bible about God creating the world in six days, to what were the Native Americans able to read?
Many Native Americans concurred with the idea of a single supreme being creating the world.
“Coverture” refers to:
a woman surrendering her legal identity when she marries.
As a result of British landowners evicting peasants from their lands in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries:
efforts were made to persuade or even force those who had been evicted to settle in the New World, thereby easing the British population crisis.
Slavery in Africa:
involved the enslavement of criminals, debtors, and war captives.
Europeans tended to think which one of the following about Native Americans and their cultures?
Native Americans failed to make use of this land, so it was acceptable for Europeans to take it and use it.
When Native Americans first encountered Europeans, what led to the European diseases being so deadly?
Centuries of continental isolation meant the Native Americans had no immunity.
The Black Legend described:
Spain as a uniquely brutal colonizer.
Patroonship in New Netherland:
meant that shareholders received large estates fro transporting tenants for agricultural labor.
What did English settlers in North America believe was the basis of liberty?
Which of the following statements is true about the early history of jamestown?
The death rate was extraordinarily high.
To entice settlers to Virginia, the Virginia Company established the headlight system, which:
provided land to settlers who paid their own and others’ passage.
In what way was Puritan church membership a restrictive status?
Full membership required demonstrating that one had experienced divine grace.
In the seventeenth century, New England’s economy:
centered on family farms and also involved the export of fish and timber.
Puritans viewed individual and personal freedom as:
dangerous to social harmony and community stability.
Boston merchants:
challenged the subordination of economic activity to Puritan control.
At the heart of the English Civil Wars was:
a question of sovereignty in who would make decisions for the government.

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