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US History 1301 Test 1

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Hernando Cortes
well educated conquistador that traveled to Cuba to become famous but left due to it already being conquered; conquered Mexico and Aztec Indians
used by Spanish to reward conquistadors; Indians used as slaves, and many died due to European diseases so more Indians would be brought in to be slaves
Gold, God, Glory
phrase used to represent what explorers were looking for when they came to America; they came for money, to spread the gospel, and for fame
Henry VIII
English Tudor King; took advantage of the weakened feudalistic system and strengthened monarchy power; "defender of the faith"
Elizabeth I
"Virgin Queen"; most powerful of all English monarchs; developed the market economy which layed ground for the colonial process
Development of Market Economy
ended feudalism, brought mercantilism, piracy, and made England prosperous: established by Elizabeth I
first english colony established by the Virginia Company; the virtual dictator was John Smith;
Headright System
granted to colonists; head of the household received 50 acres of land plus 50 for family members and 50 plus if he brought servants; indentured servants came with the land
Indian World View
believed in a creator (higher power) and in mother earth; no ownership of land everything was 'the earth's'
Powhatan Confederacy
Algonquian Indian group settlements in Virginia ruled by Powhatan
Puritan Work Ethic
Puritan belief that your whole life revolved around work and working got you into heaven
started by John Calvin; now contradiction between serving God and making money
Jonathan Edwards
greatest preacher in America; "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God"
Great Awakening
religious revival started by George Whitefield
Idea of Womanhood
every American woman had to stay home and learn French
Enlightenment Ideas
*universal laws of nature *natural rights *natural law and deity *beginning of Deism - supported by Issac Newton and John Locke
George Washington
American general; eventually led the American army for the American revolution
Martha Custis
George Washington's wife
French and Indian War
1754-60; French and their Indian tribes opposed the British and ended in the Treaty of Paris; war gained British territorial gains
Ohio Valley Importance
large area below the great lakes; controlled by France and also claimed by Virginia - French had alliances with Huron and Algonquian Indians

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