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Upstream Teacher’s Book

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:, . : l, I r. trrtr. r, tli ' i l 1 , :l t .:'1, i rl i l r i i l i l l i r i l . I -,) i i " i, i r i l i l. -L:VEil-iil'i-llUp,c'iireatrn Bl1+r:i Frnlotllii,sliar:-. el;olrdernl-ie-'rlell t-tl,vel ectr::l'se1iol'letalrnerr: o,,i iiiileLEil(. ltir-sh l;"-. rllt,uu,U,:r "Bi"lieveri""u'he a;iieii:l: seii'le-:s;,cpnnhnne. isE:rrt]jE,slr acii[''rriearl'lrilr'lg iavarit:tli o'f lffivef5l vyiiih p,'i:! ren'ted linernilced] uo6r,. ies lLnr unlits, ['ir+v[jealiuil'er: " " n o o o o . , . ' rrar';et"y aultllerriiic li. hemc-lcels*el fl'*rrt a '"qrlde ul'li'cs, c'rl in {'lve sol-,:r"ces, m*nluie:; ',lr:pies fi r,rariei:

Anyway, we still had a great eveningand came away with the best impression. If you everget the chance to seeAlsou in concert, you should definitely go. Have you heard her new album? Wite soon and tell me what you think of it. Love, Alex (Para 3) what you liked and why tl l Introduction (Para 1) {ireetings. 't easons. fbr wuiliwg (Pan 2) singer/band you went to see (Pan 4) what you didn't like and why (Para 5) Conclusion recommendation b. Read letteragain. the WhatdidAlexlike/dislike aboutthe concert? Whatreasons/examples aregiven to support each viewpoint? (See Suggested Answers Section) 50 Replace underlined the adjectives adverbs the letterwith the following. and in oentertainingfabulous modern . . . wildly . complex heavenly upset. latest . . (See Suggested Answers Section) (1-4) Read extracts the belowthat review various events. in the missing Fill topic (A-D), sentences thensuggest othersuitable ones yourown. of (See Suggested Answers Section) -re opening nightof the Moscow State Circus in 3lasgow a huge was success. -he FarnboroughShow a bighitagain Air this was r'-cdf. 5 TherevieWpremiere that it was one of said the bestproductions the year. f 6 lt was sucha predictable/[email protected] that shewasgivena standing ovation 7 TomHanks received oraise hisrole/actor for in Forrest Gump. 8 The routinesand the positioning the of dancers stage are the responsibility a on of pher conductor/choreoq ra wassoimpressed the performance with I wentto cn Friday. have never to anything boring allmylife! in been so 6 Match items(1-5)to the nouns(a-e). famous frlm/television / live/studio/solo big/small/silver children's/fantasy / best-selling a b c d screen performance novel film ,it :roreographedIn my opinion, is definitely horror silent feature / / . lEId-l . ,,',t :ut - there was nevera dull moment. The :'ogramme was well-arranged and well_ i ro m ffi m . i e actor l I + 4 -he new exhibition had nothingto capturemy 'nagination. I stronglydisagree with the critic 'highly ,vho wrote, I originaland entertaining' . nink complete the opposite true! is lm[uaffi r#w$eMf$ -iie ringmaster an excellent had of sense humour :rd the crowd enjoyedthe spectacular show. In "ry opinion, the highlight the whole evening of ,,,'as when the monkeys escaped the crowd! into n Backg round information '1989 Theexhibition/theatre openedin Thedance company/band formedin 2001 . earand takes The Air Show runseverysecond p l a c en . . i Descriptions Thesoundsystem was excellent. Thevenue hadgreatfacilities. The lyrics were greaVpredictable. Thelighting wassuperb/dreadful. Thecastwassuperb/amazing/very talented. General comments/opinion Don'tmiss itl It'swell worth seeing/going to. You really mustsee/go/listen it. to D r , W e . * ' e r , r i " ' : ' ' $ Underline correct the word. 1 Shakespearesometimes used plots/ programmes ancient plays from Greek Even though I don't usuallygo to see blockbusters/multiplex, I reallylovedMission lmpossible. Tolright, ballerinaSylvie Guillem will be appearing/peform! y the role of Clara in The Nutcracker. The success a playcomesdown to a good of script/lyric and a good director. Yourturn 7 'gn Using language the above, writea letterto a you friendreviewing something attended (e. 9. recently art exhibition/the opening a of (100-120 newvenue a concert) or words). Use the ideas belowaswellasyourown. (See Suggested Answers Section) . name/time/olace of evento cost o whatyouliked it about . whatyoudidn't about like it . final thouohts recommendation and 51 All in a day's work Vocabulary Practice Jobs people for a living? Whatdo these do Lookat pictures underline correct the and the worc. dentify jobs from the descriptions what the of the peopledo. ptlar 1 Thisperson flies aerop,anes. yourcarto thisperson be repaired 2 Youtake to mechanic 3 This person takes care of sick animals veterinarian Thisperson works in an officetyping letters answering phone the andarranging meetings secretary This personwill help you investmoney i" companies. stockbroker Thisperson controls movements aircraft the of airtrafficcontroller This persondesigns pagesfor the Internet. web-designer 8 Youpaymoney thisperson a shopor bank to in teller 9 Thispersonhelpschildren and families whc haveproblems. ocial worker 10 Thisperson giveyou the keyto your hote will room. deskclerk/receptionist Complete the exchanges with verbsfrom the list. o promote . apply o dismiss retire . resign o 1 A: So,areyou goingto apply the job? for B: No. I don'tthinkl'm suitably qualified it. for 1 doctor/ scientist 3 librarianteacher / 4 carpenterplumber / 2 A: lan is goingto resign. B: Really? Why? job. A: He'sfounda better-paid 3 A: lf this projectis successful, manager my will promote me. B : G o o dl u c k ! 4 A: l've stillgot sixyears aheadof me beforeI retrre. B : H a n g nt h e r e l i 5 A: I've heardthat the company will dismiss peoplenext month. everal B: Oh, no. Any ideawho? 4 Fill thecorrect in response thelist. from o . o . Somehodv thesack. nnt Let's it a day. call going, The wayshe's She's workinq been around clock. the 1 A: I can'tworkanymoretonight; very I'm tired. B: Soam l. Let's it a day. call 2 A: lt'smidnight and Ritaisstillat the office. rired. nals . TATq 7 Cross oddoneout asin the example. the 1 2 3 4 5 6 salary, wages,}kWpay gain, earn, win,ftd profession @*Fr€rc, job, career, under-paid, poorly @+-Fd-d, paid, overuyorked boring, repetitive Eeatr4[uninteresting, business, uDise*qf! , industry, company

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B: What's going on? She'sbeen working around clock. the 3 A: Didyou hear what happened morning? this B: Letme guess. got Somebody the sack. 4 A: Didyou seewhat Katedid thismorning? B: Yes,I did. Theway she is goingshe'llget fired. Ings. )y In :raft. rnet. )ank. who lotel 5 Complete text with phrases the fromthe list. Youmayhave change formof the verbs. to the . workovertime beherownboss workfor . . . a successful . career workfromhome . beemployed setup . self-employed . Phrasalverbs 8 Fillin: go, corry, put,fall,look. 1 A: Can you please put me throughto Mrs Lucas? please.

B: Justa minute, 2 A: I can't remember what time my meetingis IOmOrrow. B: Why don'tyou lookthrough yournotes? 3 A: Mike,if you carry this project throught'll promote you to headof the department. B: l'll do my best, sir. 4 A: Why are you so upset? Thingscan't be that bad at work. B: You say that becauseyou don't know what I haveto go throughevery day. 5 A: He'safraidthat his olansto start his own business fallthrough. will B: lt'snatural himto feelthiswav. for he n ) rr it. Sheila has 1)a successful career with a large ocsmetics company where she 2) has been miinloyedas a senior marketingmanagerfor the threeyears. es,t Although she is quitesatisfied with iltner she sometimes feels that her work is not 1ob, mtroreciated, especiallywhen she has to 3) work ur*'srtirne. is now thinkingof 4) setting up her She mmnr business that she can 5) be her own boss. so Sl'reilila thinksthat she would be happier6) working vt:ri'rhome,even though she accepts that people lt[ldr-rto 7) self-employed are less secure than are tltqrse who 8) work for a largecompany. 6 Choose bestwordto complete job the the adverts. 'il[@ havea 1) vacancv/space a young, for dynamic lager nnd hard-working studenVgraduate lead our 2) to pawing sales forcein the London you area. eader As ,ffi,ril responsible 3) team/group he for development and 4,|educationtraining and you will 5) reply/repo[ ffrrectly thecompany to Sales Director. Do youwilling work6) changes/shifts? youenjoy to lFe 7) happiness/satisfaction challenging of solving problems/questions Sl without9)control/Supervi5ion] are you 10) oractical/handy? you have a Do 'yes' 11) licence? youcananswer to lf deanltiOy driver's questions, we would to hear fromyou. tr:ese like then Nord Formation 9 Complete sentences thecorrect the with word derived thewords bold. from in 1 Thepolitician gavea verydistorted version of even$.

DISTORT 2 He admittedthat the government had made someveryregrettable mistakes. REGRET 3 The prime minister promisedto be more to responsive complaints the future. in RESPOND She thanked her husbandfor his caring supportat a verydifficult time. CARE The ministerresignedbecausehis position was no longer defendable DEFEND rtt{,ttfh 300storesnotionwideBookWorldis now over fnrnly estoblished the No,l bookshop the UK, os in lf idou ore 12)sfimuloled/molivoled, commified, trS) ombitious/rulhless enjoysucceeding on ond in exciting fost-poced work 14)locotion/environmenl, we wont youl No previous15) skill/expeliengE rcquired,

WE WANT YOU 53 Grammar Use in Conditionals Replace with r,vhen if where possible. 1 .. ....... lf thisdoesn't work. he'llbe in trouble. 2 when lf he is in a bad mood. it is betterto stayaway 3 .. . ..... lf you don't havetime today, you can finishthe reporttomorrow. 4 when lf l'm tired. I can'tconcentrate all. at 5 when lf Jason for asks a raise, he'llget it for sure A: What'swrong? B: l'm runninglate. lf I don't get (noVget) thereon time, the meetingwill start (start) withoutme. A: Why aretheseflowers Jane's on desk? B: lt's her birthday. (remember), A: Oh no. lf I remembered (buy) her a present, I would havebought too.

A: Thisis a beautiful neighbourhood. (find)a flat for rent here, B: I agree. I find lf I will move(move)in right away. A: Why is Peterso stressed out? B: He has a meeting with the marketing manager. Wheneverthey meet (meet), theyend (end)up having argument. an 7 A: Unless Liamshows(show)up in the next fiveminutes, Johnson firing(fire)him. Mr is B: Oh, no. ls he lateagain? 8 A : Youhaven't saida word all morning. B : l'm verybusywith this report. You know,I would finish(finish)it fasterif you hel (help)me. A: No oroblem. 2 Match the phrases to phrases to make 1-8 a-h full sentences. m m m m m H Etr lf Johnhadgot up ten minuteslater, asses French Unless Yvonne her exams, job, lf Paul found a better-paid lf Mr Black calls, Unless Katefinishes letters 5 pm, the by lf you seeFrank, lf Bobhadn'tbeenso nervous, lf Jane's colleagues were morefriendly, Etr a she'llhaveto do someovertime b he would havedonebetterat the interview. c hans out tosether outside the };:"-r,O d he would resign the spot. on e he would havemissed bus. the f askhim aboutanyvacancies the company. in I shewon't get into university. h tell him I'm out for lunch. Wishes 4 Read what the mansays make and sentences asin the example. 1 | don't havetime to meetJacktoday.

I wishllfonlyI had timeta meet JGCktad6y. 2 | can'ttake anydaysoff work thisweek. I wish/lfonly I could take some days off thisweek. 3 | lostmy passport. I wish/lf onlyI hadn'tlostmy passport. I didn't followyouradvice. I wish/lf onlv I had followed your advice. l'm very stressed out. I don't know how to relax I wish/lfonly I knew how to relax. am so stressed I out. I didn't know Marywasin town. I wish/lfonlyI had knownthat Marywas in town. 3 Puttheverbs brackets the correct in into tense to complete exchanges. the 1 A : Do youthinkI should apply thisjob? for (be) you, I would apply (apply) B : lf I were right away. A : Congratulations your promotion. on you! lf I get (get) the job, I won't B : Thank (leave) company. leave the 54 7 | don't haveanyfriends. I wish/lfonly I hadsomefriends 8 | ate too much. I feelsick. I wish/lf onlyI hadn'teatentoo much. 4 She is going to write a coverletter. Shecan sendit with her CV. (to) She is going to write a coverletter to send with her CV. job. Shewants Shewantsto find a morning to. have moretimeto spend with herchildren. (in order to) job in orderto Shewantsto find a morning spend moretime with herchildren. Shehasboughta new suit. Shewantsto make a good impression interviews. s to) (so at Sheboughta new suitso as to makea good impression interviews. at Readthe letter and completethe exchanges using verbs their the in correct tense. N, I )ed )eor Steve, i'm sorrgobouttheotherdag. I wishl 1) hadbeen fre) here seegou. f ontggou2) totd(telDme to :tot UouwerecomLng earlier, 3) woutdhave | :langed (change) schedutel mg Thereason whg I wasn'thereis becouse decided I :i go to a conJerence. lt washeldin the most ;:nozingplocelI wishyou4 hadseen (see)it! | ion't meon thot it wasexcetlent because inJoctit was oppositel the Nothing seemed workproperLg to ;nd thespeokers wereterribLe. ishI 5) never I teord (heor)oJthe event. lt wosa comptete wasteof rnteondmoneg. Angwag,6) witttelt(tetD | gouotl sboutit the nexttlmeI7) see(see) gou. Which reminds when gouthinkgouwittbe me, do L,n town agoLn? l 8) were(be) you,l 9) wouldwrlte IJ (write)a date[n gourdiary now. If gou10) sent kend) methe inJormotion email. , I promise bg then I (bd here, not running to sittg 1l) woutdbe ond olf conJerences! A[tthe best, -nrls Sentence transformations 7 Complete second the sentence that it so means same the first. Useno morethan the as threewords. Celiais upsetbecause didn't get the job she at the advertising agency.

Celia wishesshe had got the job at the advertising agency. She is savingmoney because she wants to attenda seminar. Sheissaving moneyso asto attenda seminar. lf she doesn't attendthis seminatshewon't be considered the job. for She won't be considered the job if she for doesnot attendthis seminar. Shecan't moveout because can't afford she to payrent. lf she could afford to pay rent, she would moveout. She didn't take her brother'sadviceso she didn'tfinda job in London. lf she had taken her brother'sadvice,she would have found a iob in London. Clauses purpose of 5

Join pairs sentences thewords the of using in brackets, in theexample. as 1 Faye wantsto find anotherjob. Shewantsto (in havea biggersalary. order to) Fayewantsra find anather in arderta hsvea jab bigger sulary. Shearranged seeher manager. wanted to She to askfor a pay increase. (with a view to) Shearranged seeher manager to with a view to asking a payincrease. for Sheis updating CV. Shecan useit to apply her for a new job. (so that) Sheis updating CV so that shecan useit her to applyfor a new job Reading (1-4) all looking newjobs. Read a. Thepeople are for theirdescriptions underline keywords. nd the Michael has had severalwell paid jobs. Now, he wouldliketo use his psychology degreein a job that he people's can improve lives. Geoff has always liked making things to entertainhis children. Sincelosinghis job as a. teacher he has been lookingfor a way to turn his hobbyinto a career. Susan first noticedher flair for writingwhen she won a creative writing competition at school. However, career a poetis not her as going verywellandshe must a find newjobto paythe bills. Brookeis currently workingin an publishing office for a company, but she dreamsof a lessordinary life.

She wants to explore new places and help protect the environment. (A-F) b. Read job advertisements anddecide the whichjob wouldbe the mostsuitable each person. for There two you don'tneed. are ^ - -: " @ rTour Guide - ExploreAlaskaLtd A lifeof adventure you awaits inAlaska. Explore Alaska is Ltd looking guides leadsmallgroups tourists for to of through the Alaskan wilderness to oromote and conservation the in area. No previous experience requiredas on-the-job is training be provided. will Applyin writing William to Seward, Explore AlaskaLtd, 3 Primrose Ketchikan, St, Alaska, AK 99950-3365.

CardsWriter - Comic CardsLtd Can you say it with style? Comic Cards Ltd wants writers with wild and witty imaginations. Salaries are good for those who can come up with catchy lines and lots of laughs. Email John Keats at www. comiccards. co. uk. j G---Cu. egiver - Spring Lake Retreat Do you have the qualitiesto help people with mental illness lead rich and rewarding lives? Spring Lake Retreathas an excellent success rate in dealingwith mental illnessand we are lookingfor caregivers who can approachthose in need with respect. For further information Florence 01484627 895. call on ookingfor a trainedanimalpsychologist work with our to collectionof wild and exotic animals. ldeal candidates should have a degree in veterinary medicine and a backgroundin psychology. Applicationforms are available from HumanResources Dept,Dunstable Zoo, Bedfordshire, Toy Designer- Lullaby Toys Plc Film Extra - Talent Inc Wantto be in the movies? TalentInc is lookingfor peopleto takepafi in a Hollywood that is beingshot herein London. film The work requiresa great deal of waiting around. Although therecan be no guarantee you will appearin the finalfilm, that you may see yourself ne)d to a major star.

For more information, callSandy on01292364 807. Want to bring a littlemagic into young lives? Lullaby Toys Plc is lookingfor an imaginative designer toy to expand our range of educationaltoys for children under7 yearsof age. The idealcandidateshouldhave experience toy designand a passion education. in for Tel. Jov Fischer 02646738 991. on (See Suggested Answers Section) ^l 4l E th to )y to )n /e n. Writing (a letter of appliration) Getting started 1 Read rubric underline key the and the words. Then,answerthe questions that follow. You have come acrossthe following job ad ;; g in the localnewspaper and you want to rpply for the job.

Write your letter of ff " application. '*""- """- --' ii'l . b candrivea car @ takena coursein photography ,,. ,s1, @ good organiser e speak English German and f workedasa photographer for the school newspaper workedasa shopassistant *r,i:l;lZi2i and @ energetic sociable Let's look closer 2 Read application letters & B andwritethe A paragraph number nextto the headings the in listbelow. . . . o . opentng remarks/reason(s)for 41 writing closing remarks 45 age/qualifications/experienceA2 otherinformation A4 personal qualities ffi B1 85 82 84 83 fi il I Do you wantto get out and seethe world? ou Are interested photography? in lf yes,thenyou couldworkon a cruise ship! Weare looking a photographer for who'salways around to takememorable photos ourpassengers wellas of as developand sell the pictures. equipmentis All provided thecruise by line. lf interested, contact Elliot 089g-7g6756 via Mr on or , email at _. andwe willarrange a job interview. Portfolio necessary. DearManager, E What kind of letter do you haveto write? a letterof application 2 Who is goingto readyour letter? Mr Elliot 3 Should stylebe formalor informal? the formal 4 Tick( /) in the list of pointsbelowwhat yor. shouldinclude your letter: in . . . . . . yourfavourite subjects school at yourqualifications anyprevious experience a description yourappearance of your personal qualities yourplans the summer for What do you think the successful candidate should like? be a artistic @ friendly c canng In: a modelling @ adventurous @ sociable f sporty 6 Forthis job someone would needexperience to the W Hil l'vedecided dropyoua lineabout job you advertised thisweek's in online edition Ny of Magazine Teens. for student l,mquite and gooo at fu t ana 2O-year-old takingpictures.

Two yearsago I took a one-yearcoursein photography and l,ve workeo as a photographer ourcollege for newspaper. worked l,ve part-time a shop as assistant a photostudio, I at too. wantto study photographyUEL some l,m at and day sure l'll work as a professional photographer for National Geographic. English German My and aren't badeither. p t haven't worked professionally before l,m but surel'd be goodat the job. I am veryfriendly and outgoing. I love travelling and seeingdifferent places. I canprovide reference in which Also, a letter previous my employer I'ma goodphotograpner says andthat youcancounton me.

I canshowyoumy workanytimeyouwant. p* | won't be doinganything JulyandAugust. in We have holidays so I canworkwhenever our then youwant. p- Voucanget in touchwith meon 0g657345 or at [email protected] com.. Let soon meknow ! Allthe best, /ro**a Laura Hirsch c workingwith youngchildren 7 What qualifications would someone need in orderto be considered this iob? for @ tatingpictures iear Mr Elliot, p I am writing to apply for the position of ;)r3tographer which was advertised this week's in :r ineed't'onof NY Magazine Teens. for p t am a 2O-year-old student. Two yearsago I iir3l

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