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UPS Air Cargo Company

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UPS or United Parcel Service, Inc. is now one of the world’s largest delivery companies catering to more than 6 million customers internationally. Historically, UPS, oriented initially as a private messenger and delivery service, was founded by James E. Casey (at that time 19-year-old) and Claude Ryan (18-year-old) at Seattle, Washington in 1907 under the firm name – American Messenger Company. However, in 1913, Evert McCabe with his delivery car-Model T Ford- appeared as a competitor of Casey and Ryan. In order to resolve the competition, the three proponents merged their firms under the name Merchants Parcel Delivery. According to Hallett and Hallett, by 1915, MPD had four delivery trucks, five delivery motorcycles, and 20-foot delivery personnel. In 1916, Casey recruited Charlie W. Soderstrom to manage automobile-based deliveries, while his original partner – C. Ryan – sold company shares and moved into his insurance business in 1917. MPD established another branch in Oakland, California in 1919.

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UPS Air Cargo Company

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However, MPD resembled a similar company name with one of San Francisco-based delivery firms; hence, Casey adopted the name United Parcel Service in the same year. From then on, UPS expanded nationwide establishing their branches in Los Angeles (1922), San Diego (1927), and different areas at East Cost (1930). UPS continued to grow despite war and by 1975, UPS had established their firms in 48 different states of U. S and began crossing outside boundaries to Europe and Germany.

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