Upp Int – Week 3 – FULL ESSAY STRUCTURE MATCH – Does social media have a positive influence on society?

General statement
Society has experienced a great deal of change in terms of the way in which we communicate on a daily basis. One of the most recent developments in communication is the rise of social media. Social media is a new form of communication that facilitates the transfer of text, photo, audio, video and information.
Thesis statement
This essay will discuss whether social media is a positive influence on society. The first reason social media is a good thing is because people can make new friends. Secondly, social media is a valuable tool because it is versatile. However, social media can prevent people from concentrating on work or study.
Topic sentence 1 – new friends
The first positive influence of social media is that people can make new friends.
Supporting sentence 1 – new friends
This is because it is easy to communicate with other people with similar interests. Sometimes, people join communities on social media and do activities together, so they can meet new friends who are interested in the same things.
Example 1 – new friends
For example, if a young person to a new city has a Facebook account, they may use it to search for groups of people that like a similar sport or hobby. From there they can easily make contact with the group and even organise an event. They can also talk with their friends from their home country via video call if they feel lonely.
Linking sentence 1 – new friends
As you can see, social media can help people meet others with similar interests and make new friends from different countries.
Topic sentence 2 – versatile and instant
The second positive reason for using social media is that it is versatile and instantaneous.
Supporting sentence 2 – versatile and instant
People can use it to send messages and information in real time online. People can use social media all the time, and hey can also download many applications which are useful and free.
Example 2 – versatile and instant
For example, when a tourist is walking around a new city and needs to find a good restaurant, they use social media to find reviews of good restaurants in the area, or even ask a friend to recommend a place.
Linking sentence 2 – versatile and instant
All in all, social makes life more convenient because it is so versatile.
Topic sentence 3 – distraction
Conversely, using social media has the negative aspect that people do not concentrate on what they are doing.
Supporting sentence 3 – distraction
It often interrupts people when they should be focused on the task at hand. This can take place in social situations, work or study.
Example 3 – distractions
For instance, if a student sets their smartphone to alert them for social status notifications from Facebook ,Twitter, Instagram ,Whatsapp and Wechat all the time, they can often become distracted by the volume of activity and notifications.
Linking sentence 3 – distractions
It is clear that many people are not focused on one thing at a time when using social media and this produces negative results.
In conclusion this essay looked at the benefits and drawbacks of social media. Fisrtly, people can make new friends using social media. Secondly, it is a valuable, versatile tool to make life more convenient. However, it can often distract people from more important tasks.
All in all, the positive aspects outweigh the drawbacks because it makes people’s life more convenient.
In the future, the use of social media is likely to become even more concentrated and prolific, which will require personal discipline for users to avoid too much distraction from other areas of life.