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Manhattan project Zen Jeez In World War II, the Japanese had attacked pearl harbor, after they attacked, America decided to strike back harder, with the Manhattan project. The Mann Tanat project was made up of a team of scientist who had the duty of creating the b mob. Even Albert Einstein was included in making the bomb. The bomb was complex Ted in may 1946, and was tested in Arizona. The test was successful and they mad e 2 more bombs to drop on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In march 1 945, Albert Einstein write a letter to FED regarding the bomb.

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The teeter talked about a new member of the project, Dry. Sailor, and of his work effort. He says that his presence must not be known by the public for reasons unknown. Einstein also says that he is a reliable man and he can help them cry eat the bomb. This information was never put out to the public until the war was over. Before the scientist were done with the bomb, they wrote a letter thanking America for the chance to make the bomb. They also wrote there concerns ABA out the project and about a chance of a misfire or of the atomic energy of the boo b.

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