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Unity day

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The little short film on the site titled "Stile Post" or the telephone game made a little impact on how I view our world today. They start off the film with Miriam the little girl basically picking on Paul, the only colored kid In the class, by saying that Paul never washes, and passing it to the next person. That person then passes that little bit of information to the next kid, who passes It to the next kid, and so on. So this group of children could of Just kept the rumor that Paul never washes going around until It was whispered into Pall's ear.

One kid In the circle changes the rumor from Paul never washes to Miriam Is In love with Paul. This film shows that plucking on other races and bullying can be stopped at a young age, one kid from that class stopped the ugly secret and made a funnier one to sort of get back at the little girl. Rumors can be spread so easily In our society and people can put a stop to It by changing the rumor to better the person the rumor Is about. The film "Crutch" was amazing, I loved every second of this film, how Bill Shannon or "Choirmaster" that has been dealt some bad cards in life has overcame his medical problems.

He has a mode of transportation on a skateboard, break dances, and gets around super easily, all while having bilateral hip deformity. Just by listening to him speak in the film, I can tell he loves his life, and nothing really brings him down. It is just a great motivational story for everyone, no matter how bad you believe you think your life is, always remember there is someone out there that has it worst than you and is enjoying every second of their life. So never out yourself down do exactly as Bill said in the film "Take what is thrown at you in the best way that you can, and evolve your skills in that manner".

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Unity day

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