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Essay Summary of Unit Assignment

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Dear Mayor Burns, My name is Destiny Knott, my family and I have recently moved into a house overlooking the park in the neighborhood of Park Hall. I would like to draw your attention to some of the lewd and lascivious acts that take place daily in Park Hall.

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Essay Summary of Unit Assignment

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. On another occasion my family and have witnessed a violent fight occur right in front of the park where all of our children play. It is an outrage that our young innocent children should have to listen to and witness such inappropriate displays of behavior. I would Like to recommend Implementing a local community watch program to help ward off some of the undesired traffic In our area. I would also Like to recommend enforcing a community curfew for our underage children for their safety and protection.

Children out past curfew should be required to be accompanied by an adult. Another recommendation would be to follow up with local police to make frequent patrols through the neighborhood to help lessen the undesired traffic. Police handle these types of incidents. Lower crime rates in our neighborhood regarding prostitution and drug solicitation is much desired as well. We would also like to see a better comradely between our residents and the local law enforcement officers. I believe that given the proper diligence and attention to this matter, this problem can be solved making this a friendlier environment for our children

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