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Unit 5- Reflective Account

Unit 5- The principles underpinning the role of the practitioner working with children Introduction During my third placement, I worked at a nursery and children’s centre. I was based in a baby room with children aged 0-2 years old. Although I was based in the baby room I often helped out in the 2-3 room if it was busy and I was needed.

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In the baby room there were always three level 3 qualified early years’ practitioners. This was the same in the 2-3 room plus a support practitioner.

All the children in the baby and 2-3 room had an individual learning plans; this helped the children achieve the best they could out of their time in the setting. All the planning in the setting was based on each individual child’s individual needs and was age appropriate. All the children also had key workers. The key workers carried out observations and were in charge of all the paper work involving the children in their group. Task 1- Give examples of situations in which you have worked as part of the team P5. 1 Give examples of EACH situation in which you have worked as part of the team

An example of a way I have worked as part of a team is helping out in the 2-3 room when the room was busy and the setting was short of staff. Another example of a way I worked as part of a team was by helping the practitioners obey parent’s wishes. An example of this was ensuring the babies didn’t sleep for longer than their parents had said. For example there were twins who were 11 months old who attended the setting 8am till 4pm and were only allowed to sleep for an hour while in the setting. I worked as part of a team to ensure the setting was safe for the children at all times.

For example if the sand pit or the water tray was out, the setting made it my responsibility to sweep up any spilt sand or mop up and spilt water to prevent an accident. Another way I worked as part of a team in the setting was to ensure at meal times one of the children didn’t consume any of the foods he was allergic too. P5. 2 Describe how you carried out the instructions given to you in a responsible way I carried out instructions in a responsible way by helping out when I was needed in one of the other rooms.

For example when it was quite in the baby room and the 2-3 room needed my help. I was asked by one of the practitioners to help her with the children’s lunches because she didn’t feel comfortable doing the lunches on her own. I carried out instructions in a responsible way by listening to the instructions given by the practitioner and did what was asked of me. Another way I carried out instructions given to me by the practitioners in the setting in a responsible way was learning each children’s care routine which was asked of me so I knew how long each child was allowed to sleep for.

If I was told to put a child to sleep, once asleep I was told to record this information on the sleep chart. Because I put this child to sleep, I was then responsible to ensure this child didn’t go over their limit. For example, if a child could only sleep for an hour, once the hour was over I then woke up the child. I carried out instructions given to me in a responsible way by sweeping up spilt sand or mopping up any spilt water correctly when i was asked to by the practitioners. This was extremely important when maintaining any of the settings policies on health and safety.

I carried out instructions given to me by the practitioners in the setting in a responsible way by sitting next to the child at snack or meal times ensuring the child did not eat any of the foods the child was allergic to. This was sometimes difficult because the child was allergic to many kinds of food. These included: tomatoes, cucumber, brown bread and apples. P5. 3 Describe how you provided feedback to team members about a task in which you have been involved When feeding or helping the children eat their lunch, I provided feedback to the practitioners in the setting on how the child ate their lunch.

For example, I provided feedback to the practitioners on what exactly the child ate, how much of the lunch the child ate, how long they took to eat it and whether or not the child fed themselves or needed help feeding themselves. I had learnt it was important for practitioners to build strong relationships with parents and I understood it was important I gave the correct feedback to the appropriate practitioners because the information was then forwarded to the child’s parents when they came to collect their child. P5. 4 Reflect on each situation and identify where you could make improvements and act on advice given to you

Reflecting back on each situation where I had worked as part of a team I would make some improvements on the way I acted on advice given to me. For example, when a child in the setting had slept for as long as they should, in future instead of waking them up and leaving them, I would stay with the child in till the child was properly awake. Ways I was told to do this was by sitting by the child and reading them a story, singing a song with them, distracting them with a toy or simply just talking to them in till the child got up to play.

I would also make improvements when ensuring the room was safe for all the children, I would do this by in future instead of waiting for one on the practitioners to tell me sweep up spilt sand or mop up and spilt water I would do it as soon as I saw the hazards to prevent any accidents in the setting. Another improvement i would make in future would be if snack or meal times included any of the foods children were allergic to; I would make sure the foods were not accessible to the children.

For example if the children were having vegetables for snack, the vegetables are usually left in the middle of the table and the children then choose which vegetables they won’t by picking them and putting them in their bowl. This was where I had to be careful and watch the children carefully. In future I would not leave the tray in the middle of the table, id pick up the tray and go round the children asking what they wanted, this way would have made it allot easier to ensure the child didn’t eat and foods he was allergic to.

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