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DO- explain how establishing a safe and secure environment can support the procedures necessary for accident, illnesses and emergencies. The layout of the environment in a setting should be suitable for the safety of the children. This means that toys, playing equipotent, tables and chairs should be age appropriate.

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If an accident occurred your role is to: check the child is safe, calm and comfortable, fill out and accidents form reporting the accident which is signed by a member of staffed the manager and parents.

The accident should be reported in a standard nursery accident book. If necessary POSTED could be contacted due to neglect of the setting. The setting should ensure that engagements are provided for the number of children to ensure every child is safe, practitioners should know first aid and should be trained in the resources for the safety of the children and should m,aka sure they know how everything works. Whilst outside a secure environment is essential to ensure no children can leave the premises and none of the public can get into the scenting.

To prevent accident happening in the nursery wet floors should be dried immediately to prevent children form running and slipping on it. Making sure all cleaning equipotent is out of reach of children and all rooms should be fitted with gates or doors to ensure a;; children stay in the room and don’t wonder into dangerous zones such as the kitchen In a setting a clean environment is essential, there must be a cleaning Rota provided to ensure cleaning is regular and this Rota is checked regularly to ensure children can use a clean toilet area which is free of bacteria to stop children becoming ill.

Young babies and young children’s equipotent must’ve sterilized to prevent them from catching colds and illnesses, this s from the children putting toys in their mouths and their immune system being so weak. Hand washing facilities should be suitable for the children’s age and the children should know the importance of washing their hands and that it prevents them from getting ill.

To prevent passing on colds, when wiping children’s noses, children shouldn’t share tissues and between wiping each chills nose you should wash your hands to prevent illness. Simple procedures like making sure children have their own cups and plates and baby bottles aren’t mixed up can prevent illness and infection between children