Unit 3 Exam Review

shared a belief that industrialization and urbanization had created serious social and political problems.
Socially conscious journalists who dramatized the need for reform were known as _______.
***The Jungle
Book written by Upton Sinclair that related the despair of immigrants working in Chicago’s stockyards.
Hull House
Settlement house in Chicago opened by Jane Addams in 1889.
***The National Consumer League
Organization that urged women to buy goods produced under fair, safe, and healthy working conditions.
National Women’s Party
Hundreds of members were arrested when they picketed outside the White House.
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Split in the Republican Party
A bitter battle between Theodore Roosevelt and his successor, William H. Taft led to a ___.
Federal Reserve Board
The Federal Reserve Act placed national banks under the control of _____.
Raw materials and natural resources located abroad
One reason powerful nations rushed to grab colonies in the 1800s was the desire for ____.
Social Darwinism
The belief that life consists of competitive struggles in which only the fittest survive is known as ____.
Open Door Policy
An assertion of America’s desire for free trade with China
“Moral Diplomacy”
President Woodrow Wilson promised a foreign policy guided by ________.
Growth of the automobile industry
The ________ in the early 1900s led to the growth of other industries and of suburban communities.
The significant changes in the manners, morals, and mindset of many women in the 1920s came to be symbolized by the ____.
***Scopes trial
The ___ of 1925 pitted fundamentalists against supporters of the theory of evolution.
Stock prices had risen to high because of speculation
One of the main reasons for the 1929 stock market crash was that _____.
The Great Depression forced many Americans to live in shantytowns known as __.
Emergency Banking Act
The ______ gave President Roosevelt the authority to temporarily close banks while they got their accounts in order.
Red Scare
The fear that communist were working to destroy American life created a reaction known as the ____.
Financial aid to veterans who wanted to go to college
A key provision of the GI Bill of Rights
The baby boom
One American was born every 7 seconds during the peak of __________________.
***Rock music
_________ originated in the gospel and blues traditions of African Americans.
***Emphasis on conformity
Critics of the culture of the 1950s complained about its __________________.
Group of writers and artists who despised materialism and conformity.
The Other America
Michael Harrington’s book ______ shocked Americans in 1962 with its claim that 1/4 of Americans still lived in poverty.
Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring
Book that helped spark the environmental activity
Trip to China
The high point of President Nixon’s foreign policy efforts was his ______, which led to official recognition of that country.
The counterculture
Timothy Leary, communes, and the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco were part of ______.
National Traffic and Motor Safety Vehicle Act
This law was the result of the consumer rights movement of the 1960s.
Contaminated by toxic chemicals
In the late 1970s, the EPA determined that Love Canal, New York was ______.
Sunbelt states became more political power
How did the continued migration of Americans to the Sunbelt during the 1970s affect politics.
The New Right
__________ believed that federal welfare programs rewarded lack of effort and worsened poverty.
____________ research funding increased substantially under George H.W. Bush
Military strength
President Ronald Reagan sought world peace through ____.
_____________ stressed science and secular ideas rather than religious beliefs.
Writers of the “Lost Generation”
_______ often had a pessimistic, skeptical world view.
Volunteerism and localism
At first, what did President Hoover rely on to relieve the depression?
He was a southerner with an unimpressive record on race issues.
Why did Lyndon Johnson’s support for the Civil Rights Act of 1964 surprise many Americans?
Turn over the tapes of Oval Office conversations
In the case of United States v. Nixon, the Supreme Court ordered President Nixon to __.
Made it easier for bootleggers to branch into other types of illegal activity
How did Prohibition contribute to the growth of organized crime?
***The Watergate scandal centered on
____a cover up by the Nixon administration of its involvement in a burglary of Democratic Party headquarters.
***Approval ratings for President George H. W. Bush _____
skyrocketed in 1991 as a result of the U.S. victory in Operation Desert Storm