The difference between Proactive and Reactive is, Proactive is the strategies that are put in place to prevent challenging behavior occurring and Reactive is the way that challenging behavior is managed once it has occurred. 2. 2 Proactive strategies that are in place are removal of potential triggers, use of person centered planning for each service user so that they obtain a consistent approach from staff tailored to their personal needs.

Reactive strategies that are in place are hat each individual service user has a physical intervention plan that has been agreed to by a multi disciplinary team, also with a consistent approach and debriefs after incidents De escalation techniques are constantly documented and plans updated. 2. The importance of identify patterns of behavior or triggers is crucial in establishing both Proactive and Reactive strategies to enable staff to constantly update plans, so that potential challenging behavior can be minimized and managed better, educing risks to the service user, staff and others ,to improve quality of life and social inclusion. 2. 4 Person centered approaches enable the service user to have a constant approach tailored for there specific needs, with person centered tools, what is important to the service user can be identified and care plans put in place to reduce risk of challenging behavior. . 5 Positive behavior should be reinforced to boost service user morale and self esteem, o encourage better behavior and more positive outcomes service users should be praised when showing good behavior or achieving simple tasks, service users thrive in a positive friendly environment.

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