Unit 2 World History Test

Aztecs, Incas, and Mayas
The civilizations that lived in Mesoamerica
Political corruption, over-expansion, and nomadic invasion led to the fall of this empire
Muslim Empire
This empire included followers of the religion of Islam
Genghis Khan
This man led the creation of the Mongol Empire
Bubonic plague
This deadly disease led to the collapse of the Mongol Empire
This is the worst King in English history
Magna Carta
This government document gave ordinary people in England a voice in government
Dark Ages
This is the long time period in Europe following the collapse of the Roman Empire
This city became a great capital of the Byzantine Empire because it was great for trade
Justinian I
This man responded to riots in the Byzantine Empire by rebuilding Constantinople
Great Schism
This is the split of the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Church
This is defined as a social system that existed in Europe that was built on the idea of providing security and protection
Justinian’s Code
This was the law code that was developed in the Byzantine Empire
Byzantine Empire
The name that was given to the eastern half of the Roman Empire that existed after the fall of Rome
Eastern Orthodox Church
The name given to the church in the Byzantine Empire
The only Mesoamerican civilization that was located in South America
The Mayas development of a calendar is most related to this field of study
The system of writing that was used by the Aztecs
The system of writing that was used by the Mayas