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Unit 2 M1

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Unit 2 m1 Compare the aims and objectives of different types of business. I am going to compare a profit making and non-profit making business. All profit making business or organisation’s main goal is to maximizing profit- try to make the most profit possible. This is most likely to be the aim of business owners and shareholders. Another objective that other businesses have is to survive in the market – survival. It is a short term objective, possibly for small business just starting out, or when a new firm enters the market or at a time of crisis.

However, Non-profit organisations are established around a variety of different sectors. These include social services, sports, cultural groups, education, and support groups. Their main objectives include: assisting others to participate in society, providing care and treatment, providing opportunities for people to engage in sporting teams, and promoting cultural or social values. TESCOS Tesco is a large business and it has a lot of aims and objectives. Some of which are: “To grow the UK core”.

Tesco wish to expand on the number of stores in the UK and all over the world, also the number of services they provide. This is as relevant today as it was in 1997. The UK is the largest business in the Group and a key driver of sales and profit. Their objective is to “improve the shopping trips and driving a strong pace” This year, they are making a ? 1 billion commitment to improve the shopping trip, driving a strong pace of improvement in the things that are important to its customers which will involve the need to use revenue and capital investment.

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Unit 2 M1

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These changes will strengthen the shopping trip for customers, and consequently deliver improved performance for shareholders. “To be an understanding international retailer in stores & online” and “to respect their markets outside the UK” In 1997, their international businesses generated 1. 8% of the Group’s profits. In addition, today, they represent 30% and they’re now either number one or number two in eight of their 12 markets outside the UK. So they’re already ‘successful’ and are working to be an outstanding international retailer in stores and online.

OXFAM Oxfam focuses on five areas that are informed by their beliefs as an organization. They are: * All human lives are of equal value. Everyone has fundamental rights which must be recognized and upheld at all times. * Poverty makes people more vulnerable to conflicts and natural disasters. Much of this suffering is unnecessary, and we must relieve it. * Unequal power relations - gender, race, class, caste and disability - make people more vulnerable to poverty and suffering.

Women, who make up the majority of the world's poor people, are especially disadvantaged. Unequal power relations must be addressed wherever they occur. * In a world rich in resources, poverty is a morally indefensible injustice. It can and must be overcome. Too often, poverty is the result of powerful people's decisions. We must challenge and remove unjust policies and practices. * With the right resources, support, and training, people living in poverty can solve their own problems. We're all responsible for working together to overcome poverty and suffering.

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