Unit 1: From Legend to History

What makes Beowulf a legendary story?
The hero is described as being larger than life
What was Beowulf’s motivation for helping Hrothgar?
He wanted to help kill the monster
How do we know that Beowulf had a sense of honor?
He did not use a sword when Grendel did not have a sword
Why does Beowulf win over Grendel’s mother?
God willed it
Beowulf gives us a valuable moral….
Good always wins
What is the purpose of epic poetry?
Tell the deeds of great men
How many tales would the pilgrims tell while going to Canterbury?
2 going, 2 coming back
Why would Chaucer choose a pilgrimage for the setting of his story?
Gives him the opportunity to have different characters tell stories
Why is Chaucer critical of the Church?
The church should have helped the poor
Where were the Pilgrims going in The Canterbury Tales?
Who does the Monk love the most?
The Nun or Prioress
Well fed, prideful woman
The Clerk
Poor student of the church whom Chaucer speaks well of
The Knight
Crusader and lives by the code of chivalry
The Pardoner
Sold pardons and relics, scam artist
When did the Normans defeat the Anglo-Saxons?
What tribes invaded England during the Anglo-Saxon period?
Angles, Saxons, Jutes
Who was the god Wyrd?
What job did the pilgrims give to the Host?
The leader
What two criteria were given to win the contest?
best story and best moral
What is the moral of The Pardoner’s tale?
Greed is the return of all evil
When the characters represent larger ideas this is called an_____________?
Who does the Old Man in the Pardoner’s Tale represent?
What crime did the Knight in The Wife of Bath’s Tale commit?
At whose court, was the knight in The Wife of Bath’s Tale tried?
King Arthur
What was the answer to what woman want?
Women want power over their husbands
Why did the Green Knight come to King Arthur’s court?
He heard of the bravery and renown of the court
Ideals of the Anglo-Saxons
Love of glory, loyalty to the king, personal freedom
Results of Norman Invasion
Fusion into one people, King’s court became the center, changed English government
What were the two challenges for Gawain?
test of his bravery and purity
What holiday was King Arthur celebrating when the Green Knight visited?
New Year’s Day
Who told or recited the Old English poems?
What are the 3 estates in medieval England?
Church, serfs, nobility
What monsters did Beowulf kill?
Grendel, Grendel’s wife, the dragon
What was the framework for The Canterbury Tales?
120 tales by 30 pilgrims