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Unemployment Rates in the United States

Unemployment Rates in the United States According to the most recent report put out by the United States Department of Labor, in the month of February, 49 states saw a decrease in nonfarm employment while Louisiana was the only one where they had seen an increase in nonfarm employment.California had a decrease in jobs since January by 116,000 with Florida in second with 49,500 jobs lost.While Alaska seen the smallest decease in unemployment by just 100.

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And again Louisiana is the only state to see an increase in employment since January by +0. percent. Louisiana seems right now in this economic bad time has no effect on the job level. Since last February, Louisiana has seen an increase in jobs by +0. 3 percent. Louisiana along other states (Wyoming, Alaska, and North Dakota) have seen an increase in jobs with Wyoming leading the way with a +1. 6% increase. Let take a different take on unemployment by breaking it down by regions. Which region would you think would have the biggest lost in jobs? Was it the Northeast, the south, Midwest or the West.

Well in fact it was the West (9. 2) and The Midwest (8. 6%). This really don’t surprise me since most of the automobile manufactories are based out in these areas with the trouble they have been having with the ill stated economy we are in right now. While the Northeast seen the lowest unemployment rate at a 7. 7%. While all of the four regions reported a jobless rate increases from February 2008 until February 2009, the largest increase in the unemployment rate was the West at a +3. %. The one state that has suffered the most in the state unemployment stat was again Michigan at an astonishing 12. 0%. While Wyoming had the lowest at 3. 9% unemployment rate, while Louisiana had an unemployment rate of 5. 7%. Louisiana has seen an increase in unemployment since February 2008 until now by 1. 9%. Michigan on the other hand has seen an increase by nearly 5% from one year ago. The unemployment rates in the United States have seen a drastic change since 2008 and so on.

Many because of the tough economic times we are in. Most job losses came from the manufacturing area because of great fear of the economy and the cut backs that companies have to make due to the hard times. Although some states haven’t been hit as hard as others, like for example Louisiana, we have actually seen an increase in jobs from January 2009 until now, while others have lost more than 100,000+ jobs like in Michigan. Works Cited

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