Ulysses S Grant

Who was the conqueror of Vicksburg?
Where did Grant go to college?
US Military Academy at West Point
Who were the swing votes that elected Grant?
Southern Black Republicans
What was Grant’s campaign slogan?
let us have peace
What was necessary to ensure that blacks could vote in the South?
Union soldiers
What was the terrorist wing of the Democratic Party in the South?
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What war did Grant launch as president?
War on Terror
What made Americans think that Grant was asleep at the wheel as president?
corruption scandals
Who said the buck stops here?
What happened in 1873 that made Northerners start to ignore violence and reconstruction in the South?
economic depression
What colonel/regiment was massacred at the Little Bighorn?
George A Custer
What made “Butcher” Grant physically ill?
sight of blood

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