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Uk Student Life

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.. was a great way to introduce the various groups that are available to students on campus.

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The Center for Community Outreach (CCO) includes programs to get students involved in the community through volunteering and educating others about today’s issues. The Student Activities Board (SAB) provides students with events like concerts, cheap movie nights, and homecoming events, which I cannot wait for. Greek life is very large on campus and seems like a lot of work.

Intramurals and club sport allows student to stay in athletics even if they’re not Division 1 material. If a student feels overwhelmed by the variety of organizations, the Center for Student Involvement (CSI) helps find an organization that fits them the best. Athletics are a huge part of the University of Kentucky’s identity. Men’s basketball is the most anticipated season. The new head coach, John Calipari, is sure to help out the program and top recruits from around the nation are ready to put in work.

The only sports you have to pay to get in are Men’s basketball and football. All the rest of the sporting events are free with student id. Living on campus is not bad at all; there are a variety of different locations to live in and places to eat, but it is better to be closer to all of your classrooms or where have to go often. Being on campus is very safe because UK Alert, the emergency notification system, notifies you about safety issues, and if UK is closed, closing early, or on delay.

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