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Uk institution culture

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Charity business has been an important part in English civil society through 400 years' development. This article alms to introduce two leading charities organisations In UK the National Trust and the Royal 3ritlsh Legion, and to research how they shape and reflect the UK culture.

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Uk institution culture

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. The National Trust and UK Culture This section introduces the definition of the National Trust and states how it shapes and reflects uK culture trom three aspects. 2. 1 3ackground of the National Trust The National Trust was founded in 1895 as a charity body, independent of the UK government.

Its' mission is to prevent the nation of lands and tenements (including uildings) of beauty or historic interest In perpetuity for the benefit of society (Lansley, 1996: 227). The National Trust has been one of the biggest environmental organizations In the world through hundreds development. It raises money heavily on the support of its' members, visitors, donors and partners. The membership fee accounts largely in the total amount. The memberships' numbers ot the national trust were 7,000 people in 1945, and it increased rapidly to 220,000 people in 1970.

After that, the amount of memberships doubled every ten years. In 201 1, membership recruitment had reached the number of 3. million (National Trust, 2010/2011 : 2). Besides the huge number of memberships, it has a large number of volunteers. As the National Trust motto said "No volunteers, No Nauonal Trust". From housing repair to gardens management, customers' service or cultural relics introduce, volunteers play an important role in the National Trust. From a recent statistic, the volunteers' numbers have reached 67,000 in the year of 201 1 (National Trust, 201112012: 6). 2 The influences of National Trust to UK culture The National Trust has an Influence to UK culture from the following aspects: nvironment protection, citizen awareness, and life enrichment. Firstly, the huge success of the National Trust In environment conservation shapes the uK culture deeply

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