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U.S History – Chapter 15

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Charles Coughim
Attracted millions of radio listeners to his radio talk show and discussed the FDR but got disconnected by him supposedly not doing enough to fight the depression
Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR)
Democrat President Elected
Eleanor Roosevelt
Distant cousin of FDR and married him
Fireside Chats
Presidential Speech delivered by radio
Insured bank deposits up to $5,000.00
Built a series of dams in the Tennessee River Valley to block floods and generate electricity
In the spring of 1935, Congress gave $5 billion for new jobs
Pump Priming
A theory that putting people to work on public projects put money in the hands of consumers who would buy more goods, which in return would stimulate the economy
The Fair Labor Standards Act
Provided workers with additional rights.

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U.S History – Chapter 15

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. It also outlawed child labor
Court Packing
Accused president Roosevelt of trying to increase presidential power and upsetting the delicate balance between the three branches of the federal government
John Keynes
British economist that argued deficit spending was needed to end the depression
The Social Security Act
Congress enacted established unemployment insurance for workers who lost their job

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