U.S. History Chapter 10

What is the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation?
It covered people’s savings in banks against loss.
What was the Civil Works Administration?
It hired workers directly, including thousands of women, to build or improve airports, roads, and playgrounds.
What was the Works Progress Administration?
It sponsored the controversial “Federal Number One” program that hired artists.
What was the Fair Labor Standards Act?
It established a 40-hour workweek for many workers.
What was the American Liberty League?
It formed to opposed FDR’s New Deal.
What was the Social Security Act?
It was established to provide provide some security for unemployed workers.
What was the Glass-Steagall Act?
It prohibited commercial banks from speculating on the stock market.
What was the Securities Act?
It required companies that sold stocks and bonds to provide complete and truthful information to investors.
What was the National Housing Act?
It subsidized loans for builders willing to buy blocks of slums and build low-cost housing.
What was the Public Works Administration?
It awarded contracts to construction companies to build highways, dams, schools, and other facilities.
How did Franklin Roosevelt win popularity as governor of New York?
By helping people economically.
What did Roosevelt believe to be his first priority as president?
To restore confidence in the banks after the crash.
Why did state governors declare “bank holidays?”
To prevent bank runs.
What was “New Nationalism?”
It wanted government to work with business.
Why was Roosevelt’s “court-packing plan” a mistake?
Because it appeared to interfere with the Constitution’s separation of powers.
What was the Securities and Exchange Commission?
It regulated the stock market.
What was the primary purpose of the Social Security Act?
It was an insurance bill.
What was the National Industrial Act?
It set up codes of fair competition.
What did the Supreme Court case Schecter v. United States accomplish?
It struck down Roosevelt’s NIRA act.
Why did Roosevelt set up the National Industrial Recovery Act?
It set up codes of fair competition.
What was the purpose of the Townsend Act?
To free up jobs for the unemployed.
Describe Roosevelt’s personality as it pertained to the nation’s problem during the Great Depression.
He was optimistic, and willing to try many programs to help people who were hurting.
What was characteristic of New Deal agencies created between 1933 and 1934?
They were all aimed at getting people back to work.
What was the effect of the Second New Deal?
It helped decrease unemployment between 1933 and 1937 and helped create jobs and improve living conditions.
Why do workers have the right to collect Social Security?
Because they pay into the system so that they might collect these savings when they retire or are in need.

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