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PICO score of 730 and has no late payment in last year and has no defaulted loan in the last five years. I have to give her this loan with the bank’s prime rate plus 0. 5%. Brandon Sketches Case I would approve the loan for Brandon because he has a good PICO Score of 650. He has no late payment in last year and no defaulted loans In the last five years.

I would need some information about his current employment and Income status, and If he as any other loans because he Is requesting for a large sum of money ($300,000). He deserves the 1. 5% interest of the Bank. Christine McDougall Case I can approve her loan with the bank’s prime rate plus 2. 5%. I would ask for more Information regarding her current employment and Income status, and If she has any other loan. I will ask for more details on her late payment. Has Christine ever pall back the balance plus Interest and late tee?

We will remember that she has a PICO core of 540 which is acceptable. Daniel Blankness’s I will approve Daniels loan because He has an excellent PICO score of 680 even though he has one late payment. He is still good if he doesn’t have any other outstanding balance. Eric Mooring’s Case According to the bank’s lending policy Daniel cannot be approved (His final two payments due not arrive at all). He asked for a loan that is not too big and has an acceptable PICO score of 490 according to the bank’s policy.

I would ask if Eric wants to put more down for down-payment. Because if he pays more down-payment the less chance he will default the loan. I will ask if Daniel is currently employed and what his income and debt status are. I will consider approve the loan if everything meet the expectation he can pay back on time the loan and ask the Bank president’ approval. The bank can charge higher interest rate of 4. 5% above prime rate which is still risky.

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