Types of Topic Sentences

Topic Sentence
Is usually the first sentence. Introduces the main idea. Sometimes introduces the details.
3 Types of Topic Sentences
General Topic Sentence, Clueing Topic Sentence, Specific Topic Sentence
General Topic Sentence
Names the main idea of the paragraph. Not specific.
Examples of a General Topic Sentence
The hot trend in advertising these days is to hire real, live stars.

Kevin James would have been 20 years old this September.s

Clueing Topic Sentence
Names the main idea of the paragraph. This type of topic sentence gives a “clue” about the details of the paragraph. This type gives a “hint” about what the paragraph is about!
Examples of a Clueing Topic Sentence
The four seasons spice up our lives.

Tents come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

The citizens of Lawrence have several reasons for building a new high school.

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Specific Topic Sentence
Names the main idea of a paragraph, but names the specific details to be covered in order.
Example of Specific Topic Sentences
Air pollution is caused by vehicles and industries.

Charles Darwin lived an interesting life as an explorer, writer, and scientist.

Diseases caused by vitamin deficiencies are beri beri, pellagra, and scurvy, and rickets.