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Topic 3 Truancy is any intentional unauthorized or illegal absence from compulsory schooling. In Malaysia truancy problem is a phenomenon among primary and secondary school students. According to Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong, reported in The News Strait Times article entitled “Study on truancy - Education Ministry” dated January, 17 2012, "A total of 110,218 students were involved in disciplinary problems. Of that figure, 72,873 were from secondary level and 37,345 from primary schools," students were involved in disciplinary problems are rising.

Reported in The News Strait Times a survey conducted by the ministry, 58. 85 per cent of truancy cases last year involved students in rural areas, as compared with 41. 15 per cent in cities. In my opinion, actions that should be imposed by the Ministry of Education to solve the problem of truancy among Malaysian school students are improve the academic approach, law enforcement authorities and organize talk or campaign. First, Ministry of Education should improve the academic approach. This can be done by increasing compulsory activities such as academic and semi-academic co-curriculum in schools.

Ministry of Education can improve by changing the teaching techniques such as gaming and simulation, drama, role playing and use of technology and instructional resources. Teaching with difference technique can attract students and they will not feel bored on their study. Second, authorities should enforce the law among the students who are truancy. For example, areas of existing police powers should be used by school administrators in disciplining students. The administration should take the opportunity to refer problem student to the police. After enforcing this law, students will be alert from work against this thing.

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Beside, Ministry of Education may organize some talks and campaign about the disadvantage of truancy. There are kind of campaigns such as “Zero Truancy Campaign”. With this students will know the effect of truancy to their study and also their future. In my conclusion, government and the school administration should co-operate to control the phenomenon. The truancy would affect the future of the youngsters and cause social issues in the society.

References: National Center for Mental Health Promotion and Youth Violence Prevention http://www. promoteprevent. org/publications/prevention-briefs/truancy-prevention

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