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Travel and tourism

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Student Name: Cheryl Facial Define Tourism: Tourism is when someone travels within their own country or to another country such as Spain, weather it is for leisure or business reason and for all other purposes. Types of Tourism Description: Example: Describe Domestic: A domestic holiday Is where someone who lives In the UK travel to another part of the LIKE. An elderly couple who lives Bradford goes on a two week holiday to Scarborough. Describe Outbound: An outbound holiday is when someone who travel out of the UK to a different entry.

A group of friends from Liverpool goes on holiday to Pizza to have fun. Describe Inbound: An inbound holiday is when someone who live in a different country that comes to the I-J. A Chinese doctor travel to London for a medical convention. VISITOR TYPE Identify Tourism type (domestic/inbound/outbound. When someone goes on holiday to relax and have fun. A family of five goes to Disneyland Paris. This is an outbound holiday. When someone stays in they own country or goes to another country for a business eating.

A business woman from London travel to Paris for meeting This Is an outbound holiday. 1 OFF When someone travels to visit family and friends. A girl from Bradford goes to London to visit her auntie. This is a domestic holiday. EDUCATION When a group of school student goes on an educational trip. To Normandy for a history trip. SPORT Year ten student goes When someone goes to a sporting event trip such as football. A football fan from Spain come to the I-J to watch the final of the champion league This is an inbound holiday.

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Travel and tourism

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