Transition words practice

Computer chess games are getting cheaper all the time; ____________, their image and sound qualities are constantly improving.
in addition
They practice their instruments; ____________, they study theory and music history.
I missed my family; ____________, they missed their son.
in the same way
my mom likes to cook ______________ her grandmother used to cook.
in contrast
I love to go to the gym; ______________, my sister prefers to exercise at home.
___________ my father loves to work hard, I prefer to sleep till noon.
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The current political situation is worrying; ____________, people do not seem to be too worried about it.
on the other hand
Caracas is fun and the weather there is beautiful. ___________, it is a very dangerous city to live in.
Even though
I cook beef and other types of meat for my wife ____________ I am a vegetarian.
as a result
I have been under a lot of pressure lately; ____________, I’m in a bad mood.
We have ignored environmental issues for many years; _____________, we have a plethora of problems related to the the matter.
We have to take care of the environment; ___________, we need to educated our children so they do not make the same mistake.
for instance
There are lots of beautiful people around me; ____________, I have a wonderful family that supports and loves me dearly.