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Transition Highschool to College

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Sandra kindete A Transition from High school to College Education is a general form of learning and gaining knowledge from different people and places. In United States high school and college are the main educational grounds that help people to achieve their goal and enhance their knowledge. From my personal experience, transition from high school to college was not only an exciting experience but also a challenging one because it was a struggle for me to adjust and cope into new environment and rules. There are many differences; however, there are some similarities between high school and college.

High school is a free educational ground. First of all, work load in high school is much easier which enables students to get enough time to relax. Students spend more than 6 hours in week with their teacher and they are mostly guided and directed through everything. Their workloads tend to neither be complicated nor hard; thus, they get most of their homework assignments done in class which provides them time to relax. For example, In my math class (pre calculus), my teacher spend one and half class period teaching and leave the rest of the 30 minutes for us to catch with assignments.

Since I am never behind with completing my assignments ;Instead of me sitting and relaxing ,I use the 30 minutes to complete my homework assignment, so that I wouldn’t have any homework assignment. In addition, responsibilities and duties in high school tend to be much easier and not complicated. High school teachers frequently remind their students to do their homework and to turn it in on the due date; nevertheless, if you haven’t completed your assignment on the due date, you can still turn it in any other day and lose some points.

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For instance, at the beginning of my senior year, I was slacking off; I wasn’t turning in my homework assignment and even though, I turned it in: it was late. As the days, went by my GPA was starting to drop because of various reasons but mainly was not turning in my homework assignments on the due date or not turning them in at all. Later on that day, I decided to go and talk to my teacher to see if she will give me a chance for turning them in and receiving a late credit for them. Luckily, since it was high school, my teacher was more relaxed and flexible, so she gave me late credit for them.

Furthermore; in high school, your time is organized by either your parents or counselor. Throughout my high school years, my schedule was arranged by my counselor. Also I could always count on my parents and teachers to guide and remind me on completing my duties. For instance; In morning, my parents always wake me up for school, so that I didn’t miss my bus and when I am home they ask me or remind me to complete my homework assignment. In addition, students have limited resources and materials in school for studying. College, on other hand, is an expensive educational ground of learning and experiencing new materials and cultures.

College students are older and matured, so they are expected to be responsible and their work load is more intense and difficulty. College students spend less time with their professors. During my first year of college, I had an essay paper assignment that was due 11:59 am the exact day . Since, we spend less time with our professor in class, I barely had time to brainstorm some ideas or pre write my essay in class. As the result, I did most of my assignments and studying outside of class. Moreover, in my first year of college, at the beginning of the semester, my professor gave us an assignment that was due 11:59p. the same day. But since, it was my first year of college and I was learning how cope with the intense work load and manage my time. It was difficult for me to catch up with my homework assignment on time because I had a lot of assignment and not only I couldn’t organize my studying time but also I spend majority of the time hanging out with friends; as a consequence, I didn’t turn in some of my homework’s on time; therefore, I ended up getting a zero on my assignments. As a college student, you are excepted to responsible for managing of your own time and turning in assignments on the due date.

Lastly, when you in college, you are considered as an adult. You set up your own schedule with the help of an advisor. You get to manage your own time and determine what time you want to study and what time you want to hang out with your friends. In addition, colleges always have endless resources of studying in the school. Overall, college students have control on their lives; you make your own decisions and choices. In conclusion; a transition from high school to college can be a difficulty and a challenging experience ecause in high school, most of your time is either managed by your parents or teachers, so students barely have control on their lives and they more relaxed; however it’s a mainly free educational ground where students first get to learn and enhance their knowledge. College, on other hand, is an expensive and diverse educational ground. College students are considered as adult, so you are responsible for your own choices and actions. In college, not only you get to have control on your life but also you also get to meet different people and share, experience and learn different cultures.

Transition Highschool to College essay

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