Tour Guide

Introductions (Lobby of Frost Hall)
Hi! If all the participants in the 9:10 tour could meet me right over here, so we can get started! My name is Emma Bartlett and I will be your tour guide for the campus tour! I just want to go around and do some introductions, just say your name, where you are from, and what your academic interest is! I’ll start, my name as you already know is Emma Bartlett, I am from Newington, Connecticut and I am studying Elementary Education and Linguistics Major with Concentrations in Special Education, and English as a Second Language.
Frost Hall
This building is known as Frost Hall. It was originally the Prince Estate, built in 1911. It’s a replica of an Irish castle. Gordon College had been founded in 1889 by our founder, A. J. Gordon, as the Boston Missionary Training Institute, training men and women to be missionaries in the Congo, but by the middle of the 20th century, it had outgrown its Boston campus. Harvard University and the United Nations also looked at the Prince property before the estate became the new home of Gordon College in 1947. Frost Hall now houses the following departments and offices:
Admissions, Development, and the President’s Office on the main floor.Faculty offices are located on the second and third floors.
Ken Olson Science Center
Ken Olson Science Center opened in 2008 which makes it the newest state-of-the-art facility to date on campus.
The building is named after the late Mr. Ken Olsen who was known around the world as founder and former CEO of Digital Equipment Corporation.
He served on our Board of Trustees from the early 1960’s to the early 1990’s.
The science center includes:
Lower level: Engineering lab
2nd Floor: General classrooms, auditorium and a computer lab
3rd Floor: Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics
Biology, Kinesiology and Psychology are located on the third floor.
However this building not all science or math based. I have had many core classes in here such as New Testament, which was my largest class so far at Gordon at about 70 people.
Aside from being a favorite place to study, Ken Olsen Science Center hosts many campus events, including job and graduate school fairs, undergraduate research conferences, and world renowned speakers for our broad range of lecture series.
Lane Student Center
Lane Student Center is the hub of student activity on campus. Whether dining in one of the campus’ main eateries or grabbing coffee in Chester’s Place, students always find something to satisfy their appetite.
Food court includes a made-to-order grill, a self-service salad bar, made-to-order deli station, a bakery, and full service daily entrée options.
Meal Point system is based on pay-per-item, rather than something like a buffet. Students pay for what they eat, and are welcome to buy, trade, and/or sell meal points during the year to other students.
Contains options for specific food allergies as well as food preferences
Chester’s Place
Built to look like an 18th-century English tavern. This room serves as a meeting place for students to study, grab coffee, or eat a meal together. They also host coffee houses and other student events here.
Center for Student Development
Works with Orientation and housing. It also houses the Community Outreach Office, which works with Gordon in Lynn and homeless ministries
Jenks Library
This is Jenks Library, that houses over 190,000 resources for students. If that is not enough, Gordon is also a part of NOBLE, which is the North of Boston Library Exchange Program. It is a network of 28 libraries that makes resources easily accessible to students. Computer Labs and printers are also available here for students to use. Also located here in the Library on the forth floor is the Academic Support Center which provides free tutoring for all students, and within that Center there is the Writing Center, where students may bring there papers to be edited before they are handed in. The Center for Educational Technology is also located in the Library. If you are having computer troubles they will do their best to try to fix it and give you a loaner while they do fix it. Students also have to option to buy a computer through our laptop program. One thing to note is that Gordon equally supports Macs or PC’s here on campus. Bistro 255 opened this past September it serves sandwiches, salads, soups, desserts and specialty coffee and espresso drinks.
Bennett Athletic Center
Here at Gordon we have 20 division 3varsity sports. We also have club sports including hockey, and dance team. Here in the Bennett Center we have 3 racquet ball courts, a rock wall, 3 basketball courts, a fitness center which has brand new cardio equipment, an indoor track, dance studio and pool. Beyond the gym you see here we have a turf field and other sporting facilities. Using this gym is free for all Gordon students, and the Bennett Center also offers fitness classes at a discounted price. Recreation and Intramural Sports are a popular activity on campus, these range from indoor volleyball to flag football. There is also a 2 physical education core class credit, most of those classes are held here.
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La Vida (Rock wall)
At Gordon we do have an outdoor education requirement, students may choose between two programs, La Vida or Discovery. La Vida is a 12 day backpacking, canoeing or kayaking trip in the Adirondack mountains. Discovery is a quad class on campus that incorporates team building through high and low ropes courses in our woods and a weekend trip to the White Mountains of New Hampshire.
Residence Life
98% of our students live in college housing. All freshmen are integrated into all of the residence halls except in apartments. We have 3 type of residence halls on campus, Community Style, which is a hallway of about 20 other students who share a community bathroom. Suite Style which is two double or triple rooms joined by a bathroom. Apartment Style, that are reserved for upperclassmen. We have 4-7 person apartments on campus. Most halls have lounges on each floor and each have a kitchen which are open 24/7. Each floor has an Resident Advisor who foster community by holding floor events and floor fellowships each week. In each hall there is a full time Resident Director, most RD’s have a Master’s Degree in counseling or higher education. RD’s oversee the RA’s in the hall and also help to foster the hall community. On campus we do have visitation hours, which are scheduled hours when men and women can visit one another on their floors.
Ken Olsen Science Center is our newest state of the art facility to date which open in 2008. This building is named after the late Mr. Ken Olsen who was known around the world as a founder and CEO of Digital Equipment Corporation and served on our board of trustees from the early 1960’s to the early 1990’s. This Science center is 4 floors that includes engineering labs on the lower level, the 2nd floor houses general classrooms, an auditorium and a computer lab. The third floor is home to chemistry, computer science, math and physics departments. Biology, Kinesiology and Psychology departments are located on the fourth floor of this building. I want to take a minute and talk about academics here on campus. Gordon offers 38 majors with 42 concentrations. The top majors here are Psychology, English, Business Administration, Communication Arts and Biology. Our student to faculty ratio here is 13:1 with 85% of our classes with fewer than 30 students and 69% of classes with less than 20 students. The biggest classes you will probably see on campus are Old Testament and New Testament classes which are on average 80 students each because they are both common core lecture classes. (Share about the faculty, how professor Elliot takes us to Panera and our final is at her house.)
Lane Student Center
Here in Lane we have a bookstore, mail room, health center, center for student development, career services as well as Gordon College Student Association, Campus Events Council, a food court, Cafe and a coffee shop. The Food Court has set hours they are open each day, they have a grill, salad bar, pizza bar, deli line, bakery, and a hot line. Downstairs we have Gillie’s Cafe where more dinner and lunch options are available such a vegetarian options or theme nights. Gilles cafe is open late so you can go grab a late night snack or meal. Chester’s place was built to look like 18th century English tavern. This serves as a place for students to study, grab coffee or eat a meal together. They also host student events and coffee houses here. The Center for Community Development which is located on the 3rd floor works with orientation and housing. It also contains the Community Outreach Office , which works with Gordon in Lynn and homeless ministries.
A.J Gordon Memorial Chapel
Chapel is held here from 10:25-11:10, Monday and Wednesday and Convocation is held here on Friday. There is no church service here on sunday’s because students are encouraged to be a part of the local church community. On sunday evenings there is a student led worship service called Catacombs. Gordon Students are required to have 30 Christian Life and Worship Credit each semester. There are many opportunities to earn credit, there are movie showings, discussion panels, guest speakers and much more. The chapel office here manages mission trips and ministry teams. We a range of mission trips that take place during school breaks from Mexico to Detroit.

Mention Spiritual Life Groups