Tour Guide Script

Mcdaniel college, founding/acreage/enrollment
Founded in 1867 as WMC, 1st coed college south of the mason-dixon. Campus sits on 165 acres in the lovely town of Westminster (Pop. 30,000) and enrolls 3000, about 1700 full-time undergrads.
President’s house, #37 on campus map
Dr. Roger Casey, 9th president of the college was instated in July of 2010. He’s a tech-savvy president with both a facebook and twitter account. He is also a “green” president, he drives a Prius as the presidential car. He has instituted “green” fridays for faculty and staff to be more casual in school colors, and promotes being “green” here on campus.
Carroll Hall, history/purpose, #7 on campus map
Was a private residence, converted to a B&B in the 1920s. It was bought by the college and the Home Economics program ran the B&B till 1989 when it became our admissions office.
Art Studio, #2 on campus map
Houses the “messier” art classes (ceramics, oil painting, sculpting). Recent addition has increased the available studio & classroom space.
Thompson Hall
Finance department including student payroll
Lewis Recitation Hall
Renovated in 2001, houses business administration, economics, sociology, and communication departments.
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Lewis Recitation Hall, Decker Auditorium #30 on campus map
Our only lecture hall on campus, and a great example of what Mcdaniel classes are not like. Classes are small (12:1 student: faculty ratio) and discussion rather than lecture based.
Lewis Hall of Science
Also renovated in 2001, houses computer science, mathematics, and physics departments. It is also home to our student run TV and radio stations. Faculty offices, information systems and computer labs are also found in LHS.
Eaton Hall
Our state of the art science facility, completed in 1999. Eaton provides office space, labs and classrooms for the biology, chemistry, biochemistry and environmental studies departments.
Winslow Center #47 on campus map
Home to Campus safety, the wellness center and our ROTC program. Campus safety is staffed 24hrs/day, 7 days/week. They patrol regularly and offer an escort service at any time. ROTC program is affiliated with the army. The wellness center is open daily with a physicians assistant on duty and a doctor on call. During non-business hours there is a EMT on staff thru campus safety. Most services and over the counter medications are free to students. The wellness center is also home to counseling services.
Baker Memorial Chapel (upstairs)
Called “Big Baker,” our georgian-style chapel can seat 900 people, dedicated in 1958. Used for: honors convocation, Senior baccalaureate, weddings, church services, Gospel choir, Sundays of note. Bell chimes every 15m and plays the alma mater at 12/6pm.
Baker Memorial Chapel (downstairs)
Home to Philosophy, religious studies & foreign language departments. Language majors-French, Spanish, German & minors-previous plus Latin, ASL & Arabic. In 2002 the language lab, new classrooms/offices & restrooms were added. Language program is the same software used by Department of Defense: can digitize & create multi-media language projects.
Benson Sculpture garden
Lovely outdoor space used popular for studying & outdoor classes. Sculpture done by an art student and art professor Wasyl Palijczuk (Wa-seal Pal-u-chuck). Points to our talented teaching staff, and that the artists are well taken care of here, not only the science majors.
Memorial Plaza
Called “Red Square,” it is the amplitheatre area outside the library. It is a tribute to emeriti professors of McDaniel, their names are engraved in the granite blocks.
Martin K. P. Hill Hall (main)
Renovated & dedicated in 1995, houses Political Science/International Studies, (Environmental Policy), History, English & Social Work departments. Also extra classrooms on bottom floor.
International Programs Office (Hill)
Agreements with Universities worldwide, including our own Budapest Campus and Bussels, Belgium program. Bussels program is good for Poli Sci, Economics, Law & French students. Study abroad can be done during the semester, Jan term or summer.
Writing Center (Hill)
Supervised by a member of the English department, provides student tutors/assistants. Students may bring their own computer to campus, but it is not necessary or a requirement.
Honor code/classroom
Average class size is 18 student. All professors post & publicize their office hours and are available to students by appointment. The honor code is student written and taken seriously.
Hoover Library
Renovated fall of 1991. Houses 200,000 + volumes, combined w/ Carrol community college and the Carrol county library = 700,000 volumes. Interlibrary loan service, email/internet access, 60 free databases, audio-visual listening area, classroom space, newly renovated 24 hour computer lab. Casey’s corner offers Starbucks coffee products and also is a 24 hour study space.
Bair Stadium
Football, track/field, M/W lacrosse. 2004: synthetic turf, tennis courts, addl parking, stadium drive redone, all-weather track, intramural fields & 9-hole golf course. New lights provide night games & outdoor events. Golf is free with student ID (as are all campus facilities) and course is used as x-country route. NCAA Div III school with 24 intercollegiate teams.
Green Terror
After a fierce football game against Washington & Lee, an opposing player said “that team came at us like a bunch of green terrors!” Previously, the mascot was the Warriors.
Academic Hall
Completed 2005. Home to Education, Psychology, Graduate/Professional studies departments & SASS. Additional classroom space, computer labs, ASL language labs. Also specialized facilities for teaching of Counseling & Education Methods courses and a variety of hands on learning opportunities in Psychology. Also houses the schools commuter lounge.
SASS: for those w/ doc learning differences note takers, extended time & alternate testing locations. For all students: assistance in time management, organization & study skills.
Albert-Norman Ward Hall (ANW)
Upper-class residence hall. All frats & sororites are housed on campus, assigned floors w/in the dorms. About 14% of school is greek. Students may rush as early as second semester freshman year, as long as they have a GPA of at least 2.5. All residents halls are co-ed with the exception of Whiteford & Rouzer.