Topic Test Topic Review Activity Complete

On the map above, China is located at number _____ and Japan is located at number _____.
Who controls the government in China?
the Chinese Communist party
Which of the following belief systems rejects the ideas of worshiping gods and having life after death?
Which of the following ethnic groups has Indo-European ancestors that migrated from Europe?
Because North Korea has a command economy, the government __________ private businesses.
Each of the following can be a result of a large population growth except __________.
a decrease in taxes
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Japan is using pensions and technology to support their __________.
Dams and reservoirs produce __________ power.
Most of the oil fields in Central Asia are located along the __________.
Caspian Sea
The overuse of forest resources can lead to the __________ of land.
In both Japan and China, __________.
women face discrimination
Eutrophication occurs when there is not enough __________ in the water for animals and fish.
No countries in East or Central Asia fall into the category of __________ development.
A very highly developed country has all of the following elements except __________.
a high illiteracy rate