Topic 7-9

Social stratification
The division of people into layer according to their relative power, property, and prestige
An ascribed characteristic that contributes to social standing in all stratification system
Means of production
Was the primary factor which distinguishes the different classes in industrial capitalism (Karl Marx)
Marx argued that workers experience_________ when they mistakenly identify with capitalists
False consciousness
According to Max Weber, social class is made up of three components
Property, power, and prestige
According to Melvin Tumin, the best predictor of college entrance (admission) is :
The family income
According to Gaetano Mosca, every society is stratified by
The two most striking characteristics of the British class system are
Language and education
The _______ are assembly for export factories along the U.S- Mexican border
The practice of industrialized nations controlling the Least Industrialized Nations through debt is known as
Companies that operate across many national boundaries and help the Most Industrialized Nations maintain global dominance are known as
Multinational Corporations
_______ is a large category of people who share many similar levels of wealth, power and prestige
Social Class
The primary characteristic of social class is
Wealth. (other are: power, prestige, and occupation.)
Regarding the “Distribution of Wealth in America, ” it can be concluded that
A very small percentage of americans control the majority of the assets
C. Wright Mills coined the term _____ the power elite to refer to the collection of people who make the major decisions the U.S society.
Power elite
The upward or downward movement in social class by family members from one generation to the next is known as
Intergenerational mobility
The three major predictors of whether or not Americans are poor are
Race or ethnicity; level of education; and sex of the head of the household
The trend in the U.S poverty whereby poor families have been increasingly headed by women is called the
Feminization of poverty
One out of every six white children in the U.S lives in poverty.
About 15 million American children live in poverty.
A major cause for the increase in poverty among children is the increase in number of births outside the marriage.
Numerically, there are more white children in poverty; proportionally, there are more african American children in poverty
A _______ may result in poverty
Change in the social structure
Recently, the U.S welfare system was restructured.
The number of people on welfare has decreased significantly
Examples of ______: murder of 6 million Jews by the Nazis; the Sand Creek massacre of Native Americans by the U.S Army; “Killing Fields” in Cambodia
Ethnic cleansing
_____ reflects biological heritage; ethnicity reflects cultural heritage.
Racial profiling or closer monitoring of minority group members resulting in unequal treatment is an example of:
Prejudice describes attitudes while discrimination describes
Unequal treatment by a formal organization based on minority group membership:
Institutional discrimination
Daily living conditions for Jews under Czarist Russia (late 1800s) was made so intolerable that millions of Jews left Russia and moved to other countries
Indirect population transfer
A form of internal colonialism practiced in South Africa by which the dominant white Africaaners exploited the black minority groups:
Nation in which separate ethnic groups keep their own language and cultural heritage, but are peacefully united economically and politically.
The greatest number of Latinos in the U.S trace their heritage to